Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snoop Dogg in your Stocking!

My apologies to my cousin for copycatting her blog post from yesterday, but I am OBSESSED with this. Snoop Dog has done the voices for the TomTom personal GPS device.


Please watch this and join me as we howl in laughter together! And don't forget to ask Santa for some D-O-double G!

PS - you can also get the TomTom with Homer Simpson's voice. DOH!


Kristin said...

that. is. AWESOME!!!!!

laurelstreet said...

I would've liked to hear what he said if you MISSED a turn!

Brandy said...

Now that is tooo funny!!

Lindsay said...

I'm so doing this to my husband's GPS. I just have to figure out who first! Thanks!

CarleeKajsa said...

i am obsessed too...this is so on my christmas list...but who - homer or snoop?? hmmm...i think husband will listen to snoop over shizzle!