Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas at Work

This year at work, we decided to cancel our annual Christmas party and instead spend the amount of money that we'd traditionally spend on frivolous things on feeding families and buying gifts for the less fortunate. It was a great idea that somehow got stuck in my lap...and it was a project that has truly monopolized my last couple of weeks, but as of Friday, it's over!

I bought gifts for about 200 kids and enough food to feed fifty families. It was a huge effort, but seeing my coworkers excitement as they took part in this hands on project was well worth it!

I know a lot of companies are doing similar projects right now. If yours has done something like this, I want to hear about it, too!
All went well, until my boss gave me a special elf hat to wear. You can see by the look on my face how excited I was to wear it. {smirk}Now that this HUGE project has been complete, I can finally focus on decorating my own home (got my tree last night - thanks @MrAshleyPerez for helping!), and go see my brother, SIL, and the niece and nephew who just flew in. Oh ya, and there will be much more blogging, too. YAY!!!


Kaci Lundgren said...

Great job, Jenny! That's inspiring--it's neat to think of the families that are going to be blessed by your efforts. Merry Christmas!

Brandy said...

Great work! Looked a bit hectic and the last pic .. well those ears certainly are cute! The face ... is funny!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I think this is a fantastic idea - well done girl!!! Santa is proud I'm sure! Merry Christmas! ox

Tira J said...

Awesome job Jen! Love the ears! Take some time to relax now.

Bianca said...

This was the best idea EVER! Kudos.

I'm going to call Mrs. Claus ;)

kenziekylanmom said...

I think that's wonderful! My company didn't do this but my daughter has been trying to do her part and here is a link