Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Great Thing About Flea Markets

While in the desert this weekend, we stopped by a flea market at the College of the Desert that has existed for years and years. Going to COD, as the market is called, is something my grandmother used to LOVE doing. Filled with mostly junk, used golf balls, and socks, every now and again you can find unique items. But on this trip, we had very little luck.

However, we did stop by this little gem...a "shop" called Gadgets and Neat Stuff. While it contained all sorts of random items, the name made me giggle so much, that I had to buy a nail file and clippers...just to support the owners. I mean, how could you not love a shop with a name like that!
Here in Orange County, we have a HUGE swap meet at the fairgrounds just about every Saturday and Sunday. The OC Marketplace is known for its variety of products. I once had couches custom made there and know plenty of people who get brand name hair products and clothes there.

Do you have a huge flea market or swap meet where you live? What is the best thing you've purchased there? Are you planning to get any Christmas gifts there?

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Noelle said...

we don't have swap meets in the wintertime where i live, unfortunately. i do love a good swap meet or flea market. my grandmother used to live in anaheim and there would be a HUGE flea market near their house every saturday. i used to love going there with my grandmother...i think that's why i still love swap meets so much!