Monday, November 27, 2006

Go Horned Frogs!

While in CO, my dad heard that TCU was playing Colorado State, so we all jumped in the truck and drove three hours north to sit in the freezing cold and watch the Horned Frogs kick some major butt. We bought five dollar tickets and stayed through the third quarter, but we didn't leave until we got some great pics with Superfrog!!!

The girls sporting three versions of Ann Taylor purple.
Horned Frog spirit is alive and well in our family!

Yes, this is me and Superfrog. It is RIDICULOUS.

Me and my beautiful sister, Missie.

Me and my cute daddy!

Danny and Missie only wish that they had the Horned Frog in them...

Thanksgiving in CO!

We went to Castle Rock for Thanksgiving to see Danny and Shannon's new house! It was a blast!!! I loved the community they lived in and spending time with my big little brother was awesome. It's so weird for me to see Danny and Missie as adults. I love thinking about Missie turning the doll heads around at night so they wouldn't watch her sleep and Danny playing Nintendo until he slipped and said "damn" (that put an end to his video game career in the Johnson household!).

Some things never change. Although Danny now cooks, he is still a retard.

I made my traditional sweet potatoes. I was obsessed with them. I don't think that my family and the Bockhackers truly appreciated the sweet sweet goodness of the sweet potatoes. I know for sure that I was the only one who had them for left overs thirteen times a day...

We helped Dan and Shan get a few things for the baby. They needed to turn in the stroller they got for the right color. Shan put together the stroller "system" while Dan and Dad put up the Christmas lights. Look how skinny she is for someone in her eighth month! I'm pretty sure her belly is smaller than mine. Grrrrrrr.

The Johnson Kids

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Night!

What a celebration we had on November 7!!! The last few days of the campaign were a whirlwind for me because I was traveling up and down the state, doing events with the Gov. I was glad to make so cal my home base for a few days there at the end. We ended up having our victory celebration at the Beverly Hilton, which was super fun. We had a big ass party with a balloon drop and confetti canons, too. When the Governor was called up on stage and the music was blaring and the balloon drop and confetti canons were a go, I had a moment where I almost got choked up. It was so exciting to see everything come to fruition...the months of hard work, the crazy coworkers, the stress, the lack of all became worth it.

After the Gov gave his remarks, senior staff went upstairs to the penthouse floor where we let loose and par-tayed. We had a ridiculous food and drink minimum, so basically all night we ended up drinking champagne. At 2am when I wanted to order more, I tried to get the cheapest bottle, but someone came up and got me two bottles of Cristal. So, I was walking around with a bottle of Cristal in my hand the rest of the night. I think I went to bed at 4am.

In the bar - we basically took over the place!

Conyers, Eddie, Ron, and I. Ron was our beloved photographer and on election night, we decided to turn the camera on him!

Me and my boys!

Laura and I. We planned the events together.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


On November 5, I turned 30 - YIKES! And obviously, because the campaign was two days away from being over, we didn't get to celebrate like I would have wanted, but my wonderful friends and family threw me a big party the week after. Here are some pics from the awesome wine and casino night party!

Clare getting all the candles ready. Yikes, too many!!!

Me and my beautiful sister!

Mom, Dad, and Carlee ruling the craps table!