Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hanging out with the family!

I got Monday and Tuesday off of work and was able to hang with Danny and Shannon. Every year when they come home I only get to see them at night, so this year I decided to be a little selfish and take time to be with them!

We all played golf on Tuesday. Mom and Missie even drove the golf carts!
The girls got pedis on Monday, which was VERY relaxing! Tonight we're all going to Burke Williams for massages! Niiiiiiiiice!

Christmastime in the OC!

This was a very special Christmas, because the whole family was together again. On Christmas Eve, the Johnsons went down to Vista to be with all the aunts and uncles and cousins. We ate great food and then had a visit from Santa which surprised all the little ones! We did a "yankee swap" gift exchange (reference to the TV show The Office) and I ended up with a girly hot pink poker set! Can't wait to play! On Christmas morning, we woke up and opened a couple of gifts, then went to church. It's the first time that Christmas had fallen on a Sunday since 1994, so Mom really wanted to go. By the time we got home, Danny and Shannon arrived. Danny had to work on Christmas Eve, then got home at 2am, and slept for 2 hours. They left so early and were exhausted, but we were just so happy to have them home to celebrate. That night Grandma Julie came over and we had a yummy dinner all together!

Bryson's first Christmas!
Oops, Santa forgot to remove the security tag on Danny's sweater. Missie showing off her new Christmas presents!
This is a Brighton purse that Dad and I got Mom for Christmas. She started crying when she opened it. : )
Dad got Mom and Precious matching outfits from Nordstrom!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Fuel Christmas Party

On Friday night we had the Fuel Christmas party at Brenton and Joel's house. We had a DJ and dancing and it was dressy, so that was fun! Here are some pics:

Me and Chrissy
Chrissy, Rebekah and I
At dinner before the party with Jon, Dan, Lisa, Chrissy, and Holli

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My VERY quick trip to DC

I had to be in DC on Wednesday for a lunch meeting, so a colleague and I flew out on Tuesday and back on Wednesday. On Tuesday night, I met up with Barbie and Keirsten (and her daughters Layne and Mia) for dinner at Tortilla Coast. It was an old favorite place of mine that is right by the Capitol and around the corner from where I used to live.
Layne (3) and Mia (1) Kelly
Keirsten, me, and Barbie at Tortilla Coast
Bill Hanka and I in front of the Capitol Christmas tree. Bill is my lobbyist and a good friend. I happened to be there on the coldest day of the year (17 degrees), which is why I was sporting the babushka scarf around my head! : )

Holiday Party at Chrissy's

Last weekend, my friend Chrissy hosted the first of this season's many holiday parties. We had a bunch of people from church there and spent some time eating and visiting. It was a ton of fun!

Me and Chrissy
My Bible Study group, minus Rebecca and our leader Kirsten. We were trying to all get in the pic and instead look like a bunch of morons! Amy, Chrissy, Mary, Rebekah, me, and Katie. Me and Rebekah. We're hot and we really don't care that we were the oldest gals in the group. : ) Ha!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My weekend in Texas!

Just got back from an AWESOME four days in Texas. I flew in on Friday and met up with Robin at one of our old favorite restaurants, La Madeleine. Mmmmm, quiche lorraine has never been so yummy!!! We did a little Christmas shopping and then grabbed some dinner and movies and went home to hang out with Jon and their beautiful daughter Mackenzie (I'm her fairy godmother!!!). Mack is such a cutie pie and is helpful and respectful and just about the smartest 2-year old I've ever met! On Saturday, we got up and made breakfast, then met up with Jon at his golf course, where just last week Tiger Woods shot a commercial. I made him take us all around and show me what he does. It was pretty cool!

Jon and Mack at the golf course. She was being shy.
The Ayers Family
Robin and Jenny -- roommies and friends forever!

Ashley's wedding

On Saturday night, I got to go to Ashley Vaught's wedding in Dallas. It was held at the Melrose Hotel which was lavishly decorated. There were about 250 people there and it was black tie. Ash looked gorgeous and teeny tiny (as usual). She had some AMAZING bridal portraits in the hall and she was really happy. Here are some pics.

TCU girls. Don't know what happened to Leslie Walton's face... oops.
The new Mr. and Mrs. Dixon
Singing an Alpha Chi song to the bride. (Totally her idea!)
First dance.
Ash and JJ

My visit with Emily, Jason, and Connor Jay Littlejohn -- and Jamie Kay, too!

After the wedding on Saturday night, I drove down to Fort Worth to meet up with Emily and Jason. They were also at a wedding, so we met up and then went to a holiday event that one of Emily's groups was throwing. We had a blast and even went home and ate pizza in the middle of the night. It reminded me A LOT of our college days. : )
On Sunday morning, Jason and Connor went to a pancakes with Santa deal and Emily and I ran out for coffee and then Jamie Kay drove up from Austin! We spent time just hanging out, eating, visiting TCU and playing with baby Connor who is SO ADORABLE and a good little eater -- wonder where he gets that from, ha!!! He is already a heartbreaker and no doubt will keep Em and Ja busy for many years to come. : )

Connor and Jenny

Playing with one of his favorite new toys. To see a clip that we will be sure to play at his HS graduation and rehearsal dinner some day, just to embarrass the heck out of him, click here.

Click here to see a clip of him playing with Aunty Jamie.

Jamie Kay, Emily, and Jenny -- where is Angie???

Emily and Jason have a BEAUTIFUL home and they've created a wonderful life for themselves! I'm so proud of them for being such amazing parents!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My crazy family

Who in my family did this???

Monday, November 21, 2005

My Bible study group at Lucky Strike

Fuel hosted a bowling night at Lucky Strike at the Block on Saturday night. It was a blast. We easily had 50 people there!

Rebekah, me, Rebecca, Chrissy, Lisa, and Amy (oh and we're missing Holli and our lovely leader Kirsten!)

Monday, November 14, 2005


This weekend, I went down to Mexico (about 15 miles east of Ensenada) with my church group. Our church funds an orphanage and groups go down there every month. This month, the singles group had the opportunity to go down and do some significant work projects. We dug 4x4x4 foot holes in the ground for a foundation of a new dormatory. We also made the rebar bases and towers, mixed cement and got them filled. We made a new cement drive/walk-way, too. It was three days of hard labor, but we cranked (even the girls!) and did some amazing work!!!

Digging a hole!

Beth and I mixing cement.
Rebekah and I on our way down to Estado.
Me and a little girl named Emma. The kids are so sweet, and suprisingly very happy. Their needs are met and they have a lot of fun there at the orphanage. Apparently in Mexico, adoption is very hard because unless every single member of the family agrees to allow it, kids must live in the orphanage, even if they're not wanted by the family...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Introducing Bryson Wallace Barnes!

Click here to see the Barnes' introducing their new son!
A beautiful family!
Bryan is a proud papa!
Granty Stephanie and Bryson.
Handsome boy! He kinda looks like Buddy!

Carlee is a mommy now!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Someone else had a birthday this week, too.

Jennifer and Clare took me to Beverly Hills to eat at The Ivy. Yum!
Clare and I in Beverly Hills.
My dad and Mom and I at dinner. Super fun!
Yep, they made me dress up at dinner. Nice!