Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My weekend in Texas!

Just got back from an AWESOME four days in Texas. I flew in on Friday and met up with Robin at one of our old favorite restaurants, La Madeleine. Mmmmm, quiche lorraine has never been so yummy!!! We did a little Christmas shopping and then grabbed some dinner and movies and went home to hang out with Jon and their beautiful daughter Mackenzie (I'm her fairy godmother!!!). Mack is such a cutie pie and is helpful and respectful and just about the smartest 2-year old I've ever met! On Saturday, we got up and made breakfast, then met up with Jon at his golf course, where just last week Tiger Woods shot a commercial. I made him take us all around and show me what he does. It was pretty cool!

Jon and Mack at the golf course. She was being shy.
The Ayers Family
Robin and Jenny -- roommies and friends forever!

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