Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My visit with Emily, Jason, and Connor Jay Littlejohn -- and Jamie Kay, too!

After the wedding on Saturday night, I drove down to Fort Worth to meet up with Emily and Jason. They were also at a wedding, so we met up and then went to a holiday event that one of Emily's groups was throwing. We had a blast and even went home and ate pizza in the middle of the night. It reminded me A LOT of our college days. : )
On Sunday morning, Jason and Connor went to a pancakes with Santa deal and Emily and I ran out for coffee and then Jamie Kay drove up from Austin! We spent time just hanging out, eating, visiting TCU and playing with baby Connor who is SO ADORABLE and a good little eater -- wonder where he gets that from, ha!!! He is already a heartbreaker and no doubt will keep Em and Ja busy for many years to come. : )

Connor and Jenny

Playing with one of his favorite new toys. To see a clip that we will be sure to play at his HS graduation and rehearsal dinner some day, just to embarrass the heck out of him, click here.

Click here to see a clip of him playing with Aunty Jamie.

Jamie Kay, Emily, and Jenny -- where is Angie???

Emily and Jason have a BEAUTIFUL home and they've created a wonderful life for themselves! I'm so proud of them for being such amazing parents!!!

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