Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today's project update

Just finished the final coat on the paneling, put together my new desk, and WALLPAPERED! Oh my goodness was that a lesson in patience...and glue-iness! ; )

ta-da! oh yeah, there's three seems. who da man?! I am!
all bright and shiny
okay, had a thought, but need some advice...should I inset the wallpaper in the panel moulding?
and here's my purty new desk... I may stop by Home Goods tomorrow to see if they have any petite chairs, but if not, I'll be fine in the meantime with the camelback upohlstered chair I have.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter is always such a special time of year. Aside from celebrating the Lord's resurrection, it's a wonderful time to spend with family and because of the wonderful weather down here in CA, it's a great way to enjoy the Spring!

Yesterday we trucked out to Murrieta to my Uncle's house and basically pigged out all afternoon. We ate outside in the shade while children and dogs ran around us. Then it was time to play in the pool. The little kids rough-housed in the pool with the big girls (me and a few cousins) hung out in the spa (don't worry, it was only warm, not too hot!).

My cousin's daughter Hope pushed me around in my mom's wheelchair (while I drank mimosas! ha!).

Buddy found the most eggs - 14!

A great day to sit around and chill... my mom even had her own little perch with Get Well balloons and the kids decorated her cast like an Easter egg -- okay, I admit it, I helped, too!

An update on my Mom

This is why she's feeling better - ha!

No, but seriously, my mom is doing much better. She goes back to get cast #2 off at the end of the month and will likely get another one, though it is possible she might get a boot. All her pain is gone but she's still going nutters because she's not really allowed to leave the house or sit without her foot elevated. She's only cheated a little bit, which is impressive!

Dad and Daughter work day

On Saturday, my dad came over to help me with some projects. I basically had to put a request in for his time because he's so busy and I knew the projects would be pretty involved! He came over and together, we put in about a ten hour work day. But, the result is INCREDIBLE!!!

Aside from me falling off the top of a ladder and bruising the back of my leg, everything turned out better than I'd imagined. I really love working with my dad and think it's really cool that we can do these kinds of projects together. I love him so much and am so thankful to have a wonderful father like Big D!

Below is a photo of the panel moulding we put up in the dining room. (Don't worry, that's just primer...it will look much better with a nice glossy finish!) I really love the traditional look and so we did this moulding on the big wall and then on the return on the other side of the mirror'd wall. Because I have a condo, it really makes the living room and the dining room look like two distinct rooms. I LOVE it!
We also put up picture frame moulding in the hallway that leads to my bedroom. I am going to wallpaper inside the frame with a pretty tone on tone damask paper and then hang some photos on it. I think it will look really rad. Got the idea from Candice Olson, whose my favorite designer on HGTV.
It was also time for some new nozels in the shower. I like the porcelein look...really old school and fun. Unfortunately, when I was leaning on the shower frame, I dislodged some of the caulking that I'd put up like a month ago...that was a messy and long process, so I wasn't happy that I have to do it all over again. Grrr.
I also replaced my medicine cabinet with a new one. This one is much more streamlined and fresh...the other one was a little crusty, but this one has beveled edges. I hung it myself, so I was pretty pleased with myself. ; )

Thanks Dad, for being such an awesome father and fun work partner! I hope that over the years we have many more chances to work together, even when it's hard work!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eat your heart out Candice Olson! : )

I ordered a new light fixture for my dining room and I've got my dad reserved for a work day on Saturday! I'm finally doing a few other projects that I've been wanting to do for a while like some panel moulding, etc. I love love love working on my house and it's totally addictive.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An Update on my Mom

My mom is at the doctor's office right now, hopefully getting a smaller, more managable cast. She's been a super good patient so far, but I believe will spend the better part of the next four months buying everything there is to possibly buy on the internet. Poor thing is completely laid up from her fall.

I was Super Nanny last weekend and spent time with her while my dad was out of town. I did her grocery shopping, laundry, and watched a ton of movies with her. I also did some shopping for my Grandma, who is about to move into assisted living. I guess that's the major blessing that's coming from my mom's accident...

Anyway, I hope my mom is less achy and more mobile with the new cast. Here's a photo of the old one - it was the biggest thing I've ever seen!!!

I'm an electrician!

As you all know, I love working on my house. Well, last weekend, I tried something new...changing out a light fixture! I love my beautiful new bathroom light. It's so much brighter and less tacky! I recently spackled over the areas where the old fixture was and need to sand it down and paint, but other than that, it's working out great so far...AND I didn't electrocute myself! Yeah!

Congrats Jennifer and Sean!

I guess since she has a website now devoted to journaling her pregnancy experience, I can officially say CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER AND SEAN! It's so exciting to see a dear friend see her heart's desire come to fruition. Jennifer and Sean have been married for about three years and couldn't wait to start their family. God's timing is often unexplanable, but what a joy to know that Baby Fitzgerald is on his/her way!

Jennifer and Sean have such amazing hearts and it's undeniable that they'll be wonderful parents! Emotionally speaking, in our little urban family, Jennifer encourages and Sean supports. They both always have wonderful advice to give and are so genuine and authentic. Because they are just such beautiful people, I can't help but be thrilled for them as their family begins to grow.

Jennifer and Sean, I love you both so much and am constantly blessed by your friendship. I couldn't be happier for you and I pray that God continues to bless you both in this time and as your child grows into being a wonderful man or woman!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Colorado Trip

The Johnson cousins had a GREAT time in Breckenridge last month. While my mom and dad had to miss the trip because broke her ankle just before they were to drive from Denver up the hill, the cousins still went and had a FANTASTIC time together.

I have to give a ton of credit to my cousin Mandie for essentially coordinating the whole thing. She found the amazing 5,000 sq ft home on the side of the slopes and planned all the meals. Thank you Mandie, for one of the more fun vacations I've had in a long time!

The house was five floors, had three living rooms, a full game room with arcade games, a hot tub, five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The thirteen of us had PLENTY of room!

The kids all went to bed at reasonable times and the adult kids stayed up late drinking and playing farkel. It's a dangerous game! Danny lost once, and I lost once. Danny had to sit in the snow, bare butt. He howled...and we all laughed hysterically.

The next morning, I got up and met Jake and Bryan, my cousins on the slopes for some snowboarding. I think they were genuinely surprised that I could keep up! It was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING and it was dumping snow at the top of the mountain. I'm glad Danny had brought an extra pair of goggles. As it was, I was fully layered like a marshmallow and I was still freezing. Needless to say, the long runs, cold conditions, and the cost at the bar meant, we certainly didn't last the whole day. Dan and Mandie ended up coming to get us in town...which incidentally, is a really cute place. I wish we'd had more time there. While we were boarding, everyone else was ice skating at the ice house. Too fun!

Finally, we drove home and played with Grey-bug and Shannon. Missie and I also ran down to the outlet mall for a bit. I always enjoy seeing my brother and the family and wish they lived closer... Grey is getting so big and so fun. She LOVED Buddy. Every time he'd say something fun to her, she's just laugh and laugh and laugh -- it was freaking adorable!

Of course we NEEDED three laptops at the "cabin"
This is something only a woman would take a photo of...a two-storied closet in the master bedroom with a fold-down ladder.
Jake and Mandie brought the video game "rockband" or whatever. It's essentially karaoke, drums, and a guitar. Everyone had a blast playing it when they weren't in the arcade room.
Shannon playing farkel.
The Johnson gals circa 1985...rockin the side ponies...after throwing back a few. ; )
Danny's consequence.
Me, Bryan, and Jake after a day of boarding -- no, I didn't gain a ton of weight, just layered up to the extreme! : )
Bryan proving to Carlee that you CAN pop microwavable popcorn on the stove if you improvise!
Bryson and Buddy showing us their breakdancing skills.
Greybug laughing her head off at Buddy!
Isn't that the greatest smile? Look at all those teeth!

Robin and Mackenzie's Visit!

Last month, I had two of my favorite visitors! Robin and Mackenzie Ayers came out for a girls only weekend and left Jonathon and Travis back home in Austin. Mackenzie is my goddaughter and it's hard to imagine that she's almost five years old! It feels like she was just born yesterday. Robin is a dear dear friend who I was fortunate to be roommates with in DC for about three years.

Robin is an awesome mom and she was originally going to be in Anaheim for a conference and decided to surprise Mackenzie and bring her along, too. Unfortunately, and at the VERY last minute, the conference was cancelled, so she rearranged their flights and came out anyway.

They were with me from Thursday to Sunday, the 7th-10th. On Thursday, I actually had a meeting in Sacramento, so when they flew in, they hopped into my car and went to the Discovery Science Center, grabbed some food, then headed to my house for naps before they came and got me from the airport. Then we went and got pedicures, then headed to my house where I made dinner and we chatted and chatted.

On Friday, we went to Disneyland. This was the BIG surprise for Mack and we didn't even tell her until we were on the tram from the parking lot. She was stunned, I think! We rode rides, visited the Disney Princesses, and had lunch at Club 33. It was a WONDERFUL, but long day!

On Saturday, we went to Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Long Beach. We walked around and saw the Walk of Fame, Grauman's Chinese Theater, the Kodak Theater Oscar's exhibit, the Hollywood sign, and then later went to Santa Monica for some cupcakes, and then to dinner at Bubba Gump!

On Sunday, I took them down to the Beachcomber where Mackenzie FINALLY got to see the beach. I'm pretty sure the beach was her favorite thing. She chased waves, collected shells, and even made snow angels in the sand. Ha! We then drove up to Balboa, rode the ferry, then played at the Fun Zone for a while before heading back to the beach. We finished up with lunch in Hungtington Beach on Main Street at the Sugar Shack. The weekend was a BLAST and Mackenzie slept the whole way to the airport. I think I even napped when I got home.
It was such a special time to be with two special gals. Robin, I'm SO GLAD that we've remained friends through the years and across a couple thousand miles. I love you to death!

The rocketships!
Me and Mack across from Tom Sawyer's Island
Robin and Mack in Minnie's house
Mackenzie asking Snow White for her autograph. She said please, which is Snow White's favorite word. : )

Three ladies at Club 33 for lunch - YUUUUUM!
Another Rita Hayworth in the making?
Mackenzie at Mickie Mouse's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

At the yummy Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica

Writing her name in the sand
Two silly girls!
Just couldn't resist this one...
Beautiful mom and daughter!
The last pic before they had to go home. : (