Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter is always such a special time of year. Aside from celebrating the Lord's resurrection, it's a wonderful time to spend with family and because of the wonderful weather down here in CA, it's a great way to enjoy the Spring!

Yesterday we trucked out to Murrieta to my Uncle's house and basically pigged out all afternoon. We ate outside in the shade while children and dogs ran around us. Then it was time to play in the pool. The little kids rough-housed in the pool with the big girls (me and a few cousins) hung out in the spa (don't worry, it was only warm, not too hot!).

My cousin's daughter Hope pushed me around in my mom's wheelchair (while I drank mimosas! ha!).

Buddy found the most eggs - 14!

A great day to sit around and chill... my mom even had her own little perch with Get Well balloons and the kids decorated her cast like an Easter egg -- okay, I admit it, I helped, too!

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