Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bus Tour

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the big green bus traveled through southern CA recently and Aunt Corinne brought Grandma and Grandpa to a stop in Temecula. Because the event was so crazy, they skipped out and came and saw the bus for a few minutes. It was so neat to show them what I get to do...sorta. : )

My cute Grandpa Wally and Grandma June on the bus with me!

and Aunt Corinne, too!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Lake Powell - 06

Haven't had much time for the photo blog, but I do have a smattering of new photos to share with the world!!! Below are some fun pics from the Johnson Family Houseboat Trip.

My cute Dad!

He'd probably tell you that this is his favorite place in the world -- in the driver's seat of the boat with his kids in tow. : )

Rooster Tail!

For those of you non-skiiers, getting a good spray isn't that easy, you have to cut hard and get a good lean, which is tricky. I try to out-do myself every time I get out behind the boat and am pretty proud of this one! : )

Daddy's Girl!

Me and my lil bro (hard to believe that he'll be a dad in the winter!)