Monday, January 16, 2006

Missie Turned 21!!!

On January 15, my baby sister turned 21 years old! It's so hard to believe, but she is a beautiful young woman with a lot of sass, too!

My mom and I took Missie out to the Pala Casino and Resort (gotta love those injuns) on the afternoon of the 14th and we got massages at their fabulous spa! Then we went down to dinner, then back to the room for a nap and dessert and a movie. At midnight, we popped open a bottle of champagne, then hit the casino running! I won 60 bucks right away and then stopped playing because I'm totally lame. : )

On Sunday, we woke up, and went to the Temecula wine country for some tasting and treats. We had a blast. Here is the proof!
It's midnight and she's LEGAL!

On our way down to the casino! On Sunday morning, I gave her her long-awaited gift. A green Longchamp bag that she'd been wanting.
Missie the lush at the Thornton vineyard. It was actually pretty yummy. I think I bought three bottles there. : )
Dinner at Maggiano's with 30 of her closest friends and family!

Monday, January 09, 2006

My Weekend

I had a super fun weekend and wanted to share some pics! My friend Rebekah and I (and her boyfriend Matt) went up to Snow Summit yesterday to get a little snowboarding practice in before our Mammoth trip with the singles group at church. We're both beginners, although she's had some good practice! I haven't been since college, but I'll be going a few times this year and have really wanted to get into it for a while, so I decided to buy a board with some Christmas money and make the commitment to go for it. I really surprised myself and made it down the mountain with no injuries and only a couple of wipe outs! By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty confident and I've decided to take a couple of lessons later this month!

Snow Babes!

My friend Chrissy had a birthday on Saturday night at Buca di Bepo. She had about 25/30 people there and we had a great time eating AMAZING food and just hanging out.

Our friend Hunter didn't realize that he had his hand on the butt of a naked lady statue! Ha!

Lisa, Jereme, and I at Buca

Our small group minus Rebekah. : (

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's Eve!!!

I spent a really fun, but laid back New Year's Eve at Matt and Clare's new house. Almost everyone was gone by midnight because they're all married with kids. Not kidding... Ha! Anyway, the big hit of the night was Clare's new "Magic Mic" a karaoke MUST HAVE!!! We started singing at about 9pm and didn't stop until 2am-ish. : ) It was a fun night and the three of us went to a whole in the wall Mexican restaurant on Sunday for lunch. Fun fun!
Clare and JJ rockin' the magic mic!!!

Me and my friend Lori Flinn. Lori and my friend Chris are dating and I set them up at my birthday last year... hello cupid!!! Clare's solo -- clearly a power ballad! Ha! And click here to see it!
Matt and his nephew in matching footsy pajamas.
It's the end of the night, everyone else has gone home and we're singing while Matt does the dishes. How perfect is that?!