Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Getting My New Car Tonight!

This job is amazing! Seriously, the perks are ridiculous. I'm psyched about everyone I've met so far, I'm treated like I have brains, and I keep learning about new perks. No wonder everyone stays here forever!

So, this is the car I've chosen for the next thee years. Because I'm given a certain amount of money (and this car is just under it), I got it loaded. WEEEEEEE! It's got a navigation system with realtime freeway traffic alerts, XM radio, a backup camera, and a nifty iPod integration. Yes, I chose black (which is not good for the lazy), but the company even pays for washes AND I got a special paint coating with disolves spots, bird poopies, and sap. Not too shaby, eh?

In other "my job is great" news, I head to DC on Saturday for a long weekend with the Clarke, Simmons, and STJ and then on Monday evening will meet my boss for a four day LA Chamber conference. I'm pretty pumped to be back in DC so soon to see old and new friends and do some networking for the new job!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


So far, so good! Traffic WASN'T bad! I seriously estimated that it would take me close to an hour to get here, but it only took me 3o minutes! I can't even say how rad that was!!!

I'm sitting at a clean desk right now. I'm guessing that it will be like this for about four more work days, then back to the usual. : )

I've already got a ton of meetings on my calendar. Tomorrow I'll be in Victorville - yikes! That will burn almost the entire day traveling. Thankfully, I don't have to come into the office, but rather I'm meeting my boss on the road heading out in that direction.

Everyone has been so nice and inspite of the fact that they don't have an office for me yet and have stuck me in a cubicle in the meantime, the perks are great. The kitchen has all sorts of snack food and a gigantic refridgerator full of sodas and ice tea drinks. I'll never be short on caffeine, that's for sure!

This weekend, I'm going to go and look at some cars. The amount that they said I'd be given is ACTUALLY not as high as the real figure!!! This is going to be SO much fun!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Oh my gosh, I can't believe it, but the kitchen remodel is done!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I just want to do something COOK! Seriously, it's like having a new crush. All I want to do is look at it and and sigh. THIS IS SO EXCITING! The tile guys just left today, and for the speed that all of this took place, I'm stunned at how good everything turned out. I'm PUMPED! Everyone is invited to come over and check it out -- although, the fridge doesn't get here until the 10th and my dad has to come over and install the microwave and connect the faucets and water lines (I've been brushing my teeth in the shower - it's cool). Here is the official unveiling!

A favorite feature: a lazy susan for the pots and pans!
Yet, another favorite, the trash drawer! (I know, it's the simple things...)

The vanity with a FAB new counter, sink, and faucet.
The new floor in the bath.