Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Getting My New Car Tonight!

This job is amazing! Seriously, the perks are ridiculous. I'm psyched about everyone I've met so far, I'm treated like I have brains, and I keep learning about new perks. No wonder everyone stays here forever!

So, this is the car I've chosen for the next thee years. Because I'm given a certain amount of money (and this car is just under it), I got it loaded. WEEEEEEE! It's got a navigation system with realtime freeway traffic alerts, XM radio, a backup camera, and a nifty iPod integration. Yes, I chose black (which is not good for the lazy), but the company even pays for washes AND I got a special paint coating with disolves spots, bird poopies, and sap. Not too shaby, eh?

In other "my job is great" news, I head to DC on Saturday for a long weekend with the Clarke, Simmons, and STJ and then on Monday evening will meet my boss for a four day LA Chamber conference. I'm pretty pumped to be back in DC so soon to see old and new friends and do some networking for the new job!

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