Thursday, March 01, 2007


Oh my gosh, I can't believe it, but the kitchen remodel is done!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I just want to do something COOK! Seriously, it's like having a new crush. All I want to do is look at it and and sigh. THIS IS SO EXCITING! The tile guys just left today, and for the speed that all of this took place, I'm stunned at how good everything turned out. I'm PUMPED! Everyone is invited to come over and check it out -- although, the fridge doesn't get here until the 10th and my dad has to come over and install the microwave and connect the faucets and water lines (I've been brushing my teeth in the shower - it's cool). Here is the official unveiling!

A favorite feature: a lazy susan for the pots and pans!
Yet, another favorite, the trash drawer! (I know, it's the simple things...)

The vanity with a FAB new counter, sink, and faucet.
The new floor in the bath.

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