Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trip to Maui

The Johnsons just returned from our family trip to Maui and it was sooooooo relaxing! I was so relaxed that I hardly took any pictures and instead laid out by the pool and read a book a day; one day, I actually read two books (yes, the speed reading can be quite expensive!). We had some nice meals, good wine (and beer), jogged (the first day), played golf, snorkled and swam with sea turtles, did the official family portrait, and watched my niece take her first steps! It was really a wonderful week and I was sad to come home!

Grey Buggie sleeping on the plane - what a good girl!
Me and my dad at Leilani's for dinner and HULA PIE! YUUUUM!
All the kids at the Waileia Tennis Club for dinner. A cool location!
The Buggie likes creme brulee just like her mommy and Auntie Awesome!
Playing the "I've got a secret" game with my niece!
Golfing at Kaanapali with Shannon! Look at the incredible view!
Missie had a traditional Hawaiian burger with peanut butter on it!
Me and my mom at Longhi's on our last night. So sad, but look at those killer tans! ; )

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sabrina's Wedding

Went to the wedding of a high school dance team friend on Saturday night. Instead of flower girls, she had flower ballerina's on toe shoes who danced in and sprinkled rose petals... She also choreographed her first dance with her husband, then the whole bridal party joined in for a funk routine. They were good sports!

Bride and Groom

Everybody now...

LeAnn and I. We met in 7th grade and our parents were friends, too.

Dance Team reunion!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Weird Bowler

Last night, I had to go to a bowl-a-thon for work to support an organization called Junior Achievement. JA goes into inner city schools and teaches freshman about how to write a resume, save money, go on job interviews, etc. I complained because I'm really not much of a bowler and didn't want to go, but then my boss pledged a buck for every pin I knocked down because she didn't think I would do very well -- that was all the encouragement I needed! I went, I played, and scored 170 over two games (maybe my personal best!). Anyway, today a coworker posted the pics and I had no idea that I was such a weird bowler! Check it out!

Holli and Huy's Wedding

Some friends from church got married a few weeks ago and it was awesome! Rebekah came to town and I met her and Lisa for the drive up to Malibu. We sang songs, caught up, and laughed the whole way. The wedding was in this really neat wooded area with a stream running through it. The trees all had hanging lights and lanterns and Holli and Huy's joy just overflowed! It was also a ton of fun to be with Mariner's friends again. A lot of people from the single's group that I used to belong to were there, so I loved getting the chance to be with them all again!

My small group/wine club all together again! Amy, Beks, me, and Lisa

It was cool how the pastors asked them to take a deep breath and look out at the people who love them and were there to support them!

A cute shot of some Fuel girls. Yes, this is my standard "going to a wedding" dress.


Missie graduated last month and the whole family trucked to Nashville! We had a great time and it was fun to scream for Missie when she went across the stage (although she didn't hear us!). I'm so proud of my little sister for going away to college, figuring out what she wants in life, learning some tough lessons, and doing things you can only do when you're young (like hoping into moving trains and climbing to the top of the Belmont Mansion!). I'm most excited about the fact that she's already moved home!!! Missie is so fun to be around and while we're as different in personality as we are in our coloring, she's one of my favorite people!

Found her in the crowd! Not an easy feat!

The graduate!

Me and my sisty!

Mom was still rockin the wheelchair, so here we are on her lap. : )

We also celebrated Mother's Day in Nashville. My mom is such a special lady and I feel like I've gotten to know her a lot better this year. Since the accident, I've spent a lot of time being Super Nanny for her when my dad needs to go out of town. She's a cool chick. When I think of the kind of mother I want to be, nearly every one of my main desires are already emulated by my mom. She has a huge heart and has always made us kids know how much she loves us. You know that phrase "this hurts me more than it will hurt you" that mom's say when they're about to give a spanking? Well, with my mom, I always believed it. : )

At a fancy Mother's Day brunch with my wonderful mom!

Ya, my niece eats seaweed.

Mom and her kids!

We walked around the Opryland Hotel...which is huge and like a city. People actually stopped and watched a watershow. Missie and I mocked them all.

And of course, there is one vineyard in Nashville and we found it. : )

We both said, "YUUUUUUUM!"

Sex and the City

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie!!! Barbie and I got sassy, went out for drinks, and then went and saw a late show last Friday night. It was quite commical because we clearly weren't the only women with that idea!

The theater was full of sassy women, dressed to the nines, who were loud and proud to be out on the town with their best gals! What I really love about SATC is the friendship among the four main characters. Throughout the series, men and jobs would come and go, there would be family dramas and health scares, but they always had each other - even when they were in a tiff. I love that as a single woman, I had that kind of show to encourage me!!! Anyway, there were scenes in the movie when I (and everyone else in the theater) audibly sighed, and there was one scene where I laughed so hard that I almost cried!

If you haven't seen it yet, RUN out and get your tickets!!!

Barbie and I all dolled up for the movie!