Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trip to Maui

The Johnsons just returned from our family trip to Maui and it was sooooooo relaxing! I was so relaxed that I hardly took any pictures and instead laid out by the pool and read a book a day; one day, I actually read two books (yes, the speed reading can be quite expensive!). We had some nice meals, good wine (and beer), jogged (the first day), played golf, snorkled and swam with sea turtles, did the official family portrait, and watched my niece take her first steps! It was really a wonderful week and I was sad to come home!

Grey Buggie sleeping on the plane - what a good girl!
Me and my dad at Leilani's for dinner and HULA PIE! YUUUUM!
All the kids at the Waileia Tennis Club for dinner. A cool location!
The Buggie likes creme brulee just like her mommy and Auntie Awesome!
Playing the "I've got a secret" game with my niece!
Golfing at Kaanapali with Shannon! Look at the incredible view!
Missie had a traditional Hawaiian burger with peanut butter on it!
Me and my mom at Longhi's on our last night. So sad, but look at those killer tans! ; )


Anonymous said...

You are one hott and sexy biotch! Love you!


Jen said...

I am so jealous! What a fun trip to take with your family! It looks so beautiful there and you look great, Jen! By the way...they all say Ella looks like Eric!