Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Holli and Huy's Wedding

Some friends from church got married a few weeks ago and it was awesome! Rebekah came to town and I met her and Lisa for the drive up to Malibu. We sang songs, caught up, and laughed the whole way. The wedding was in this really neat wooded area with a stream running through it. The trees all had hanging lights and lanterns and Holli and Huy's joy just overflowed! It was also a ton of fun to be with Mariner's friends again. A lot of people from the single's group that I used to belong to were there, so I loved getting the chance to be with them all again!

My small group/wine club all together again! Amy, Beks, me, and Lisa

It was cool how the pastors asked them to take a deep breath and look out at the people who love them and were there to support them!

A cute shot of some Fuel girls. Yes, this is my standard "going to a wedding" dress.

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