Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today's kitchen update

The cabinets were installed on Sunday and yesterday and they look BEAUTIFUL! I'm pumped. But today I'm even more excited because the guy came to measure for the granite and he told me that they'd be done TOMORROW! HOLY COW! So excited!!! My wonderful dad hooked me up with some awesome sinks and faucets. Seriously, I'm not going to want to leave this tiny little condo...EVER! I think that some of this stuff will be so nice that they belong in a big beautiful house!

I'm so thankful for my dad's help in getting the sinks and faucets, and for coming over and doing "dad projects." He's the best and never complains or grimaces when I ask him for help. Seriously, he's the BEST!

Friday, February 23, 2007

It's a hi-tech world! And a hi-tech kitchen!

The kitchen designer sent these to me yesterday - preliminary designs that turned out very hi-tech! I thought about keeping it all top-secret, but you really can't tell anything based on these drawings... all in all, it's pretty dang cool, though!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The kitchen process has begun!

Two burley men delivered the first two appliances today. YEAH!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!

This afternoon, I got a call from the recruiter saying that "the developer" wanted to offer me the Director of Public Affairs job!!! I am so excited because I went through an EXTENSIVE interview process... I literally met with the recruiter twice and then six people at there. The recruiter told me today that they never expected to find a candidate with my degree of experience who would also end up being such a perfect fit with the company. I guess all the waterskiing talk with the CEO on Thursday really helped, ha!

I'm a little nervous because this job was so unexpected, but I know that God led me to it. I'm not looking forward to commuting outside OC, but having a company car will sure help! : )

I start on March 15. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all my friends for your prayers and support while I've been on the hunt!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Is it possible that my heart has moved to Colorado, even though I haven't even been to visit my new niece yet? My brother and sister-in-law don't send me pictures every day like I had hoped - ha - but when they come, I am baffled by how beautiful a newborn baby can be...


Yeah, it is SO EXCITING to know that soon I will have a brand new kitchen! I have a small condo, but it's totally fine for this period in my life. Yes, I'd like to have a little more room and I'd love for my "office" to not be an end table with a laptop on it, but my place totally does the job. However, since Day 1 of living there I've hated my "condo cabinets" and laminate countertops.

I'm about jumping out of my skin, though, because I recently found a company in Anaheim that is closing out on some of their stock. I'm getting ALL NEW cabinets AND granite counters! The guy came to measure and because I can get such a great deal, I'm getting a new counter in my bathroom, too, AND new tile floors in my kitchen and bathroom, too. As soon as I have a finished product, I'll post pics!!!

This weekend, I went and bought NEW APPLIANCES, too! This is so exciting! Within the last year, I've gotten new carpet, new baseboards, new mouldings around my doors, and new paint. My place is practically brand new! Now I won't want to ever leave!!! If only I could magically acquire a bigger "office". : )

Monday, February 12, 2007

Went to Napa this weekend...

On Saturday, as we skipped out on the CRP convention, Jennifer, Susie, and I jaunted off to Napa. We first hit Domaine Chandon where I bought one of their delicious reserve sparkling wines. Then we were super lucky and got into Cakebread Cellars. They typically require reservations, but Susie sweet-talked them into letting us in. I bought an AMAZING reserve chardonnay. We found out there that they make 20 wines, but only sell 3 to the general public. We also went to a little vineyard called ZD Wines. I bought a yummy Riesling, although, I typically do not like sweet wines like that. It was smooth and mellow and slightly floral. I liked it. We finished our day at MUMM Napa, another great spot for sparkling wines. I left there with another great sparkling wine. I bought the Demi-Sec, which was really fruity, but not too bold in flavor. It was dry, but didn't have any kick-back on the palate. I highly recommend it, but it's a winery exclusive that you can buy there or online. We had fun there and ended up sitting at a table with two couples. What can I say, wine is all about making friends and enjoying the ones you already have!

2nd Interview

I had a second interview today for a job that I'm feeling pretty excited about. Keep your fingers crossed for me and say some prayers! On Thursday, it looks like I'll be having a lunch meeting with the CEO of the company. Yeah. It feels good to think I'm making progress in the job world. : )

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007


Grey Mackenzie Johnson was born at 1:25pm today! She weighed 7.74 pounds and apparently looks just like Danny, who said she even has a "butt chin" just like him. : ) Shannon's mom and sister were in the room with them and their midwife was, too. They lucked out because on Monday's Kaiser has a Nurse Midwife on duty, so she delivered Shan. Danny sounds exhausted and said that they're trying to get released right away so that they can take the baby home today. They video'd everything and my parents flew out last night, so I'm expected a crap-load of photos tonight! : )