Monday, February 12, 2007

Went to Napa this weekend...

On Saturday, as we skipped out on the CRP convention, Jennifer, Susie, and I jaunted off to Napa. We first hit Domaine Chandon where I bought one of their delicious reserve sparkling wines. Then we were super lucky and got into Cakebread Cellars. They typically require reservations, but Susie sweet-talked them into letting us in. I bought an AMAZING reserve chardonnay. We found out there that they make 20 wines, but only sell 3 to the general public. We also went to a little vineyard called ZD Wines. I bought a yummy Riesling, although, I typically do not like sweet wines like that. It was smooth and mellow and slightly floral. I liked it. We finished our day at MUMM Napa, another great spot for sparkling wines. I left there with another great sparkling wine. I bought the Demi-Sec, which was really fruity, but not too bold in flavor. It was dry, but didn't have any kick-back on the palate. I highly recommend it, but it's a winery exclusive that you can buy there or online. We had fun there and ended up sitting at a table with two couples. What can I say, wine is all about making friends and enjoying the ones you already have!

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