Monday, February 19, 2007


Yeah, it is SO EXCITING to know that soon I will have a brand new kitchen! I have a small condo, but it's totally fine for this period in my life. Yes, I'd like to have a little more room and I'd love for my "office" to not be an end table with a laptop on it, but my place totally does the job. However, since Day 1 of living there I've hated my "condo cabinets" and laminate countertops.

I'm about jumping out of my skin, though, because I recently found a company in Anaheim that is closing out on some of their stock. I'm getting ALL NEW cabinets AND granite counters! The guy came to measure and because I can get such a great deal, I'm getting a new counter in my bathroom, too, AND new tile floors in my kitchen and bathroom, too. As soon as I have a finished product, I'll post pics!!!

This weekend, I went and bought NEW APPLIANCES, too! This is so exciting! Within the last year, I've gotten new carpet, new baseboards, new mouldings around my doors, and new paint. My place is practically brand new! Now I won't want to ever leave!!! If only I could magically acquire a bigger "office". : )

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