Monday, February 05, 2007


Grey Mackenzie Johnson was born at 1:25pm today! She weighed 7.74 pounds and apparently looks just like Danny, who said she even has a "butt chin" just like him. : ) Shannon's mom and sister were in the room with them and their midwife was, too. They lucked out because on Monday's Kaiser has a Nurse Midwife on duty, so she delivered Shan. Danny sounds exhausted and said that they're trying to get released right away so that they can take the baby home today. They video'd everything and my parents flew out last night, so I'm expected a crap-load of photos tonight! : )


kristen said...

congratulations auntie jbj! that's so awesome! can't wait to see the hoards of photos... how fun, a girl! and how cute is that name?!

JKP said...

You have to be sooooo excited! Girls are so much fun! BTW - I love the slide show....too cool. :-)