Monday, March 24, 2008

Dad and Daughter work day

On Saturday, my dad came over to help me with some projects. I basically had to put a request in for his time because he's so busy and I knew the projects would be pretty involved! He came over and together, we put in about a ten hour work day. But, the result is INCREDIBLE!!!

Aside from me falling off the top of a ladder and bruising the back of my leg, everything turned out better than I'd imagined. I really love working with my dad and think it's really cool that we can do these kinds of projects together. I love him so much and am so thankful to have a wonderful father like Big D!

Below is a photo of the panel moulding we put up in the dining room. (Don't worry, that's just will look much better with a nice glossy finish!) I really love the traditional look and so we did this moulding on the big wall and then on the return on the other side of the mirror'd wall. Because I have a condo, it really makes the living room and the dining room look like two distinct rooms. I LOVE it!
We also put up picture frame moulding in the hallway that leads to my bedroom. I am going to wallpaper inside the frame with a pretty tone on tone damask paper and then hang some photos on it. I think it will look really rad. Got the idea from Candice Olson, whose my favorite designer on HGTV.
It was also time for some new nozels in the shower. I like the porcelein look...really old school and fun. Unfortunately, when I was leaning on the shower frame, I dislodged some of the caulking that I'd put up like a month ago...that was a messy and long process, so I wasn't happy that I have to do it all over again. Grrr.
I also replaced my medicine cabinet with a new one. This one is much more streamlined and fresh...the other one was a little crusty, but this one has beveled edges. I hung it myself, so I was pretty pleased with myself. ; )

Thanks Dad, for being such an awesome father and fun work partner! I hope that over the years we have many more chances to work together, even when it's hard work!!!


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Can't wait for the grand tour next month!


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