Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Robin and Mackenzie's Visit!

Last month, I had two of my favorite visitors! Robin and Mackenzie Ayers came out for a girls only weekend and left Jonathon and Travis back home in Austin. Mackenzie is my goddaughter and it's hard to imagine that she's almost five years old! It feels like she was just born yesterday. Robin is a dear dear friend who I was fortunate to be roommates with in DC for about three years.

Robin is an awesome mom and she was originally going to be in Anaheim for a conference and decided to surprise Mackenzie and bring her along, too. Unfortunately, and at the VERY last minute, the conference was cancelled, so she rearranged their flights and came out anyway.

They were with me from Thursday to Sunday, the 7th-10th. On Thursday, I actually had a meeting in Sacramento, so when they flew in, they hopped into my car and went to the Discovery Science Center, grabbed some food, then headed to my house for naps before they came and got me from the airport. Then we went and got pedicures, then headed to my house where I made dinner and we chatted and chatted.

On Friday, we went to Disneyland. This was the BIG surprise for Mack and we didn't even tell her until we were on the tram from the parking lot. She was stunned, I think! We rode rides, visited the Disney Princesses, and had lunch at Club 33. It was a WONDERFUL, but long day!

On Saturday, we went to Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Long Beach. We walked around and saw the Walk of Fame, Grauman's Chinese Theater, the Kodak Theater Oscar's exhibit, the Hollywood sign, and then later went to Santa Monica for some cupcakes, and then to dinner at Bubba Gump!

On Sunday, I took them down to the Beachcomber where Mackenzie FINALLY got to see the beach. I'm pretty sure the beach was her favorite thing. She chased waves, collected shells, and even made snow angels in the sand. Ha! We then drove up to Balboa, rode the ferry, then played at the Fun Zone for a while before heading back to the beach. We finished up with lunch in Hungtington Beach on Main Street at the Sugar Shack. The weekend was a BLAST and Mackenzie slept the whole way to the airport. I think I even napped when I got home.
It was such a special time to be with two special gals. Robin, I'm SO GLAD that we've remained friends through the years and across a couple thousand miles. I love you to death!

The rocketships!
Me and Mack across from Tom Sawyer's Island
Robin and Mack in Minnie's house
Mackenzie asking Snow White for her autograph. She said please, which is Snow White's favorite word. : )

Three ladies at Club 33 for lunch - YUUUUUM!
Another Rita Hayworth in the making?
Mackenzie at Mickie Mouse's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

At the yummy Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica

Writing her name in the sand
Two silly girls!
Just couldn't resist this one...
Beautiful mom and daughter!
The last pic before they had to go home. : (

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