Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Colorado Trip

The Johnson cousins had a GREAT time in Breckenridge last month. While my mom and dad had to miss the trip because broke her ankle just before they were to drive from Denver up the hill, the cousins still went and had a FANTASTIC time together.

I have to give a ton of credit to my cousin Mandie for essentially coordinating the whole thing. She found the amazing 5,000 sq ft home on the side of the slopes and planned all the meals. Thank you Mandie, for one of the more fun vacations I've had in a long time!

The house was five floors, had three living rooms, a full game room with arcade games, a hot tub, five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The thirteen of us had PLENTY of room!

The kids all went to bed at reasonable times and the adult kids stayed up late drinking and playing farkel. It's a dangerous game! Danny lost once, and I lost once. Danny had to sit in the snow, bare butt. He howled...and we all laughed hysterically.

The next morning, I got up and met Jake and Bryan, my cousins on the slopes for some snowboarding. I think they were genuinely surprised that I could keep up! It was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING and it was dumping snow at the top of the mountain. I'm glad Danny had brought an extra pair of goggles. As it was, I was fully layered like a marshmallow and I was still freezing. Needless to say, the long runs, cold conditions, and the cost at the bar meant, we certainly didn't last the whole day. Dan and Mandie ended up coming to get us in town...which incidentally, is a really cute place. I wish we'd had more time there. While we were boarding, everyone else was ice skating at the ice house. Too fun!

Finally, we drove home and played with Grey-bug and Shannon. Missie and I also ran down to the outlet mall for a bit. I always enjoy seeing my brother and the family and wish they lived closer... Grey is getting so big and so fun. She LOVED Buddy. Every time he'd say something fun to her, she's just laugh and laugh and laugh -- it was freaking adorable!

Of course we NEEDED three laptops at the "cabin"
This is something only a woman would take a photo of...a two-storied closet in the master bedroom with a fold-down ladder.
Jake and Mandie brought the video game "rockband" or whatever. It's essentially karaoke, drums, and a guitar. Everyone had a blast playing it when they weren't in the arcade room.
Shannon playing farkel.
The Johnson gals circa 1985...rockin the side ponies...after throwing back a few. ; )
Danny's consequence.
Me, Bryan, and Jake after a day of boarding -- no, I didn't gain a ton of weight, just layered up to the extreme! : )
Bryan proving to Carlee that you CAN pop microwavable popcorn on the stove if you improvise!
Bryson and Buddy showing us their breakdancing skills.
Greybug laughing her head off at Buddy!
Isn't that the greatest smile? Look at all those teeth!

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Stacey & Lisa said...

JJ, you are the BEST story teller ever!! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!