Thursday, December 15, 2005

My VERY quick trip to DC

I had to be in DC on Wednesday for a lunch meeting, so a colleague and I flew out on Tuesday and back on Wednesday. On Tuesday night, I met up with Barbie and Keirsten (and her daughters Layne and Mia) for dinner at Tortilla Coast. It was an old favorite place of mine that is right by the Capitol and around the corner from where I used to live.
Layne (3) and Mia (1) Kelly
Keirsten, me, and Barbie at Tortilla Coast
Bill Hanka and I in front of the Capitol Christmas tree. Bill is my lobbyist and a good friend. I happened to be there on the coldest day of the year (17 degrees), which is why I was sporting the babushka scarf around my head! : )

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