Monday, November 14, 2005


This weekend, I went down to Mexico (about 15 miles east of Ensenada) with my church group. Our church funds an orphanage and groups go down there every month. This month, the singles group had the opportunity to go down and do some significant work projects. We dug 4x4x4 foot holes in the ground for a foundation of a new dormatory. We also made the rebar bases and towers, mixed cement and got them filled. We made a new cement drive/walk-way, too. It was three days of hard labor, but we cranked (even the girls!) and did some amazing work!!!

Digging a hole!

Beth and I mixing cement.
Rebekah and I on our way down to Estado.
Me and a little girl named Emma. The kids are so sweet, and suprisingly very happy. Their needs are met and they have a lot of fun there at the orphanage. Apparently in Mexico, adoption is very hard because unless every single member of the family agrees to allow it, kids must live in the orphanage, even if they're not wanted by the family...

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