Friday, December 18, 2009

Confessions/Sometimes You Just Have to Make Do

1. I had guests over last night and I was unprepared. Then I got stuck in traffic. I had approximately 20 minutes to swing by the store, grab something edible and throw it in the oven before they arrived. I freaking made Shake N Bake pork chops and they were DELICIOUS.

2. I've finally started taking vitamins. But I'm pretty much a three year old and take them like my niece.

3. I'm a pretty easy going and nice person, but I'm dealing with anger right now that stems from hurt. I'm praying that I don't let that ruin my Christmas.

4. My Christmas cards finally arrived, but don't fit perfectly into the envelopes I bought, so I have to trim them all. I plan to drink a bottle of wine while working on them, so I'm pretty sure some of them will get wonky.

5. I go to church on Christmas Eve Eve because I prefer not to deal with the parking situation on the holiday. I'm pretty sure that still counts though.
Do you have any confessions this Christmas season? Are you "just making do" in some areas of your life???


Angry Julie Monday said...


It's super busy right now at work. Husband is busy. Everything is getting overlooked.

I'm sorry you are hurt! That is no fun!

Kristin said...

What?? GUMMIE vitamins for adults!! im in! where did you get them? how do they taste?

Kelly said...

My confession: I don't go to church Xmas Eve or the actual day. Yikes! I always end up with dry pork chops when I cook them...maybe I should give shake and bake a try.

Emily said...

I wish we had 'Shake n' Bake' in Australian supermarkets!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I would love to see the Christmas cards you cut while drinking wine - priceless!

I have a confession. My boyfriend and I bought Christmas cards early - we were so prepared. Last week while packing to go home to visit my father I realized... we never did the christmas cards. With no time I said screw it, it's not the end of the world. That is when all the cards started flooding in and my guilt started to get greater.

Is it too tacky to send HAPPY NEW YEAR CARDS? ;)