Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Improve Your Personality

A friend just sent this article to me and it's a MUST read. It's ridiculous...and you know how much I love the ridiculous!

The best quote (in my oh so humble opinion) is "You can develop all sorts of discussions ranging from whether or not women are as intelligent as men, or should smoke and drink whiskey, to the male opinion of red fingernails on girls, or their use of slang or profanity." (page 8).

Want to read more, go straight to this "Studies in Crap" article in the Kansas City Pitch.

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laurelstreet said...

My secret is to launch a spirited discussion about native Bolivian seed grasses. That never fails.

But if for some reason it should, I will usually go right to the pros and cons of Linux MYSQL versus Unix MYSQL.

That's how I get a party started! Yeah.