Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tool Talk Tuesday with Kimm at Reinvented/Paint Applicators

I really enjoy reading blogs written by creative chicks (and dudes)! Sometimes I'll find a fabulous new recipe to try out or sit in amazement, wondering how on earth some of these individuals came up with these wild ideas!!! Kimm at Reinvented has a fantastic blog dedicated to "Home Decor Ideas for Real People. With Real Stuff. And Real Budgets" which I just love. She's able to turn thrift store and garage sale finds into things of beauty, and I am just in awe of her level of creativity. So I asked her to come and chat about her favorite tools because every week, she turns trash into treasure!!!

Hello, everyone! I am SO excited to be here for Tool Talk Tuesday. I’m not ashamed to admit that I danced with joy when J.J. asked me to guest post today. Then I laughed. Hard. And my husband laughed harder. Because, you see, in the not too distant past, my most often used “tool” was my power of persuasion. You know, that tool where you “persuade” your husband to do the handiwork for you.

But…because I’m an impatient girl with a NEED for instant gratification, AND my husband doesn’t consider my project needs EMERGENT, I’ve learned how to do things for myself.

Since I love to “reinvent” stuff that I find at garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores, most of my projects involve the amazing transforming power of paint. Well, lots of soap, then paint. The tools I reach for most often are my collection of paint applicators.

Like this:

I use this finger to push the trigger on this: (photo from homedepot.com)

And these: (photo from sherwinwilliams.com)

I also like foam brushes (cheap, cheap, cheap!), and of course, rollers, edgers, and this baby:

My Wagner Paintmate Plus greatly reduces those trips to the paint tray.

Since I’m a REAL tool newbie, I’ll be here every Tuesday to find out what I should be using! I’ll meet y’all here next week! Thanks J.J.!

To see some of the incredible projects Kimm has tackled, please visit Reinvented. She hosts weekly series (not unlike this one!) and shares wonderful ways to transform our homes with limited budgets - WAHOO! Plus, she's really cool! Thanks so much for letting us in and sharing your secrets, Kimm! I just love your blog and am so glad to have met you through the blogosphere!!!


Living With Lindsay said...

If I was less of a dork, I'm sure I could have grown to love the Wagner Paintmate. Instead, back about 4 years ago, mine got jammed and I ended up spraying paint directly into my eye. Tom had to throw me in the shower for an emergency eye wash. Needless to say, we through it away immediately. Kudos to Kimm for not being a dork like me!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Thanks JJ! This was fun. I'm laughing at Lindsay's comment, I can see how that could happen! :)

Remodeling Guy said...

Can't say I ever tried a power roller before. I'm afraid of what would happen if I did.

They don't exactly market those to the contractor crowd. We're mostly dorks, so according to Lindsay, we would all have paint in our eyes.

The finger on the spray paint, that I can relate to!