Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Heart Frugal Travel!

I travel for work and I travel for play. I always have a choice of airlines and hotels, which is nice because I have a number of member accounts. However, I ALMOST ALWAYS stick with the same choices (totally do the same thing at restaurants...yes, I'm BORING).

I HEART Southwest Airlines. If you're looking for a way to save on airfare and your flight isn't more than 3 hours, I absolutely recommend this funny little airline. Let me tell you why I love them so much:

  • They are consistently on time.
  • It's SUPER easy to earn a free reward ticket.
  • They have companion programs.
  • They have a special line to get through Security for frequent fliers...which is REALLY helpful at crowded airports.
  • They serve delightful little snacks.
  • You can get your boarding pass online and I've rarely missed an 'A' group, which makes me happy because I'm a front-of-the-plane-aisle person.
  • If you have to cancel a flight, you don't get charged up the wazoo...likewise, if you need to change a flight, YOU DON'T GET CHARGED!
  • The flight attendants are super friendly and occasionally sing, tell jokes, or give you free beers...but only on very special occasions and SSSHHH don't tell anyone for pete's sake!

For hotels, rental cars, and longer flights, I ALWAYS go to www.kayak.com. This nifty website compares prices among all the other low price carriers and the direct websites like American Airlines, Enterprise Rent-a-car, and Hyatt. It's really a one-stop shop!

These frugal options WORK FOR ME. For other tips and tricks for living a frugal lifestyle, please visit WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY at Kristen's site!!!


RainyPM said...

We just got back from a trip where we tried to be super frugal. Southwest didn't fly there, but we typically love SW too, especially their pre-boarding for small children. Thanks for the tip on Kayak, I will definitely check it out!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Good to know...we usually car trip it everywhere but we want to visit the land of Mickey Mouse soon so we will check them out for a flight.


Living With Lindsay said...

I {heart} Southwest! We fly it everywhere we go. My parents put every home and business expense on their SW credit card, so we have free tickets like you wouldn't believe. In fact, my parents have had a companion ticket for the last 2 years - so when my mom "buys" one ticket (i.e. use a free one they earned), my dad gets one for free. It's so great.

I definitely need to be checking out Kayak.com. I've never even heard of it!

Thanks for the great info, JJ!

Nicki said...

Thanks for the great tips!

And thank you for the spray paint gun thingy. I received it late last week and have already put it to use!!