Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tool Talk Tuesday: Knob/Pull Templates

No self respecting DIY DIVA should live without one of these...can you tell what it is???

When I remodeled my kitchen, I went back and forth about cabinetry hardware - to knob or not knob, that was the question!!! I spent hours at the Depot and Lowes looking at different styles and actually settled on some FAB crystal knobs...but then I got cold feet and returned them all. This isn't my forever house, this is a condo, and I just haven't been able to decide how to handle the quandry.

However, in my quest to purchase supplies, I found this nifty little gadget...and even when I returned the knobs, I kept it! If you plan to install any kind of cabinet hardware you MUST get one!!!

I'm telling you, this $6 piece of plastic will keep you from going bonkers AND if you have any sort of OCD tendencies like ahem, some of us, the precision and symmetry the templates offer you will be quite welcome! Go out and get one now...HURRY...you won't be sorry!

And by the way - HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!


Living With Lindsay said...

I didn't know these existed! I've seen paper ones that come with knob sets, but never fancy plastic ones.

We lived without knobs at our old house and I was ready to kill Tom over installing some, which he never got around to. In the new house, I made him pay the builder a ridiculous amount of money for them to do the knobs, just so I knew it would get done. Love me some knobs! You should do it.

Ashley said...

Just spent some time stalking your blog today and I must say, you are ridiculously adorable! Thanks again for coming along to our wedding this past weekend. You made the process that much easier for us and I seriously love you for that. We'd love to have you along again except from here on out, no more family weddings!