Friday, May 01, 2009

PhotoFANatic Friday featuring Sarah Q {Photography for Happy People}

Okay, today's PhotoFANatic Friday feature has the cutest tagline EVAH!!! Sarah Q, from Austin, Texas, has branded her work as {Photography for Happy People}...doncha just LOVE it?! And let me assure you, you'll love her work, too!

I found Sarah a while back online because my friend Clarke is getting married next year in Houston...she knows my blogstalking tendencies and asked me for advice on who was super FAB in a googling I went. Sarah's style is fresh, colorful, slightly funky, and always entertaining. She's got an AWESOME eye and I just love the way she composes her shots. But who cares what I think!!! I want you to hear from HER!
    1. How did you first get interested in photography? I've always been interested in photography - even way back in high school when I had no idea what a shutter speed was. I remember going through hundreds of throwaway cameras on the silliest things. My grandma would tell me I was wasting film and that I needed to slow down! When digital arrived, I was in dreamland :) I got my first digital SLR when my daughter Roxy was born and an entire world of photography opened up for me. I absolutely LOVED being able to shoot thousands of photos and then play with them on the computer until they were exactly what I envisioned. Over time I learned how to shoot in manual mode and slowly created my own style. Now my photography is all about storytelling - and I love every minute of it.
    2. In your opinion, what makes a perfect shot? Emotion! Great light, composition and perfect exposure are nice to have, but without emotion the photo won't be very special. I try to capture real smiles, real laughter, real attitude and real emotion whenever I can.
    3. Describe your photography style and vision. I'd have to say my photography style is fun! I use the phrase "Photography for Happy People" because I strive to show how beautiful, fun and happy the world can be.

    4. What has your professional journey been like? My professional journey has been a whirlwind! I started shooting weddings professionally in 2006 thinking it would be an easy side job to bring in some extra cash. I had no idea I would love it so much or that it would turn into such an amazing career. My very first year I shot 42 weddings! My second year I shot more than 30. Now I'm in my fourth year and am averaging more than 30 weddings per year and have been able to travel all over the world. I've gotten emails from other photographers asking how I booked so much, so fast and my answer is always "I don't know!" I don't have any magic marketing strategies or amazing photo tips. I honestly think it's just my enthusiasm, my love for what I do and my willingness to work my butt off has brought me to where I am today.
    5. What's the best piece of advice you were given when you were just starting out? The best piece of advice I was given when I first started was to raise my pricing. Like I mentioned, when I first started I thought this would be an easy gig. I figured I'd be making hundreds of dollars for one day's worth of work. HA! I was soooooo wrong. So much goes into running a successful business. Hours and hours and hours of editing, emailing, organizing, archiving and so so so much more go into every wedding. My first year I barely broke even after all the costs I hadn't anticipated and I had worked thousands of hours! Was it worth it? Of course! The next year I took that advice and raised my pricing. Now I'm finally able to pay myself for all the work I do and it feels AMAZING!

Wow! Sarah, thanks so much for really sharing your journey with us...I can't tell you how much I appreciate your insight and thoughts! Now, on to the photos!!!!

This sassy photo was recently featured on! HAWT!

Ultra FABuloso!!!

So dreamy and romantic!

I want some of this NOW.

So fun!

Sarah's kids...precious, or what?!

Oh sweet child...makes me want one of these!!!

I love green, therefore, I LOVE this pic!

Isn't she great??? Aren't these images super fun...and dare I saw HAPPY?!?! Sarah Q definitely is THE photographer for happy people! Check her out ASAP at or her website at I just know you'll fall in love with her work like I have!!!


Living With Lindsay said...

Hey! Oh, I how heart Mayfield Park (where the wild peacocks roam)!

These are great pics!

Angry Julie Monday said...

I love her photography.

It's just my style. I wish I would have had a photographer like that for my wedding.