Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friendships and Wine

My church small group has turned into a wine club. It's actually been a pretty hilarious metamorphasis. We were doing a DVD series and learning about hero's in the Bible and didn't finish it because we were all kinda were annoyed by the series. And yet we kept meeting every month. And we kept ordering two bottles of wine from different CA vineyards. And we kept fellowshipping. One gal moved away (we miss you Beks!), and we got two newbies.

Last night, our small group got together and had a wonderful HOT DISH and tasty dessert prepared by Allison. {Allison is from Minnesota and rather than say casserole, they say hot dish. I think this is hilarious.} At one point, I looked around and saw three different conversations going on and it made me so happy.

We are an unusual group of friends who have bonded over wine and good conversation. We've got some red drinkers and some white. We've got a wife, two brides-to-be, and two single gals. We've got homeowners and renters, all with unique design styles. We've got varied careers and educations. We've got gigglers and belly-laughers. We've got night owls and morning birds. We're so different, but that's what makes our group a blast!

I've always been the type who relishes in girlfriends. We can giggle, rant and rave, shop, vent, and celebrate joys and sorrows with ultimate understanding. I still consider friends far and wide from college in TX, days in DC, my year in Sac, and here in OC, my "best friend" because of the way they've supported me and inspired me.

Today, one of my friends is hurting and going through something I can't even imagine. Today another friend is having her FIRST BABY (GO CLARE...DEEP CLEANSING BREATHS!). When I went home last night, full from eating too much of Allison's cheeseburger hot dish and a couple glasses of a CA pinot grigio, I had a smile on my face. I am so blessed by the friendships I have and so thankful for the role all these women have played in my life!

How have YOU been blessed by your friendships? Have some come and gone, but left an indelible mark? Have some seen you through unthinkable hardships? In honor of...uh, Wednesday, remember not to take them for granted and thank them for the impression they've left on you!

Thanks Allison, Amy, Genevieve, and Lisa for being my partners in wine crime. I look forward to wine night every month and appreciate each and every one of you!!!


Lisa said...

Awww...I'm all teary-eyed. I agree with you 100%. I noticed that as well last night, us all being in different conversations. We have such an AWESOME group! And I love how you pointed out our diversity. I look forward to wine nite every month (and all the days in between) because I know it's a time to relax, catch up, share life, giggle, and sometimes cry. I get such a release every time we get together. You and Amy have brought new friends into my life, and for that I am grateful. All of you are blessings and I wouldn't have it any other way!

southerninspiration said...

sounds like a great time!! Nothing like great friends!


Tira J said...

Just found your blog through Mary Jane's. I love all of my friends, new and old and appreciate them more than they know. I have some friends who I haven't talked to in years and when we see each other, we can pick up right where we left off.