Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday Tool Talk...and I'm not referring to the tools I've dated.

A few years ago, my dad started buying me tools for Christmas...and I've started to amass a really good selection. Sure, some of the tools are totally foreign to me and I have NO IDEA what they're for, but others I've found to be quite handy!

Now, I've got to rat out my friend Clare who didn't even own a screwdriver before she married Matt! I couldn't believe that I had to bring my tools over one day to help her out with a shakey toilet because she didn't have a WRENCH, then I realized it wasn't all that uncommon for a chickadee to avoid the Depot (where I do some of my best flirting!).

In honor of all the gals who are intimidated by owning/buying their own tools, I decided to start a new feature - Tuesday Tool Talk - to go over some of the useful tools that a gal should own (or at the very least, some of the weird ones I have)!

Hmmmm, what are you teensy weensy lil screwdrivers???
I was always confused about these precision screwdrivers...two Phillips and two flathead...why are they so itty bitty? Then I realized I didn't care because they came in really freaking handy when I needed to get to itty bitty screws... when I upgraded the towel bars and toilet paper holder in the restroom!

And let me tell you where else these babies come in handy...
when your fab Fendi's get loose!

So, here's the moral of the story...don't be intimidated by tools; even if you don't know what they are for or when you'll find a use for them - eventually you WILL!
And as for the tools I've me, I've learned the moral of THAT story, too!


Kristen said...

Tools blah blah blah... lets talk about how much fun you're having with that camera! :) Nice job!

Living with Lindsay said...

Love it, JJ! We have every tool under the sun, but I think I want to have my own set. Tom is so particular about his that I just want to have something of my own.

Great pics, too!

Beks said...

You are a riot! something has GOT to come from your genius with the blog, DIY and pictures!

As always JJ, keep on rockin'!!!