Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Blah Blah Blahs

Neither my mom or dad have Facebook, which is a good thing because I'd have a million calls a day from my mom asking how to post, or what a wall is, or what's this "tagging" business all about. Sorry, mom...but you know it's true. : ) And I love you anyway. Anyhoo, I had dinner with the 'rents tonight and briefly mentioned the 25 things phenomenon, so in their honor, I'm reposting my 25 things here. Enjoy!

1. I grew up next door to my grandparents and across the street from my cousins. My grandparents owned the property and the two lots below us. Growing up, we had a barn and a number of horses that we would ride backwards during slumber parties, thanks to my dad.

2. I went to college in TX even though I didn’t like country music…I found TCU in a Dance Magazine feature and yet I only took one dance class while I was there.

3. I joined a sorority in college on a whim, because everyone else in the freshman dorm was rushing…I didn’t even really know what I was doing, but am so thankful, because today some of my best friends are still from AXO!

4. Each summer throughout my childhood, my parents sent me to church camp. For a while, we attended Rawhide Ranch where we learned horse skills (what that had to do with the Bible, I’m not sure). At the end of the week, we had to do a “performance” of what we’d learned. I’d trained to show a pony named Elizabeth, but at the last minute they switched me to a donkey named Henny. As they announced, “Now here’s Jenny on Henny,” I wanted to cry.

5. I finished college in 3 years because I couldn’t wait to move to Washington, DC. My roommate Robin and I didn’t know each other that well, but I think we were both very excited to know someone, so we roomed together. She’s one of my dearest friends now and I’m the godmother to her children.

6. I used to love everything about politics…after working in the field for the last eleven years, I’m getting very apathetic. I think my political friends hope I’ll grow out of it.

7. I do public affairs for a large developer in LA. When I took the job, they asked me if I golfed - I said no, they said take lessons. Now, golf is one of my favorite things to do. And I have a badass wardrobe of pink golf attire…yes, I’m THAT girl on the golf course.

8. I love to read, and am a self-taught speed reader.

9. I’m also a blog stalker. If you tell me you have a blog, I’ll spend countless hours learning all about your life.

10. I have the cutest niece in the whole world. It’s really too bad you aren’t related to Grey-bug.

11. I’ve taken up photography and am OBSESSED. Do not be alarmed if there’s a lens in your face or if I offer to “practice” on you.

12. My uncle Jeff taught my cousin Jake and I to burp one day on the way home from the school bus. I remember that day in great detail. He was washing his car and probably wearing some horrific dolphin shorts.

13. And speaking of that school bus stop, when we were in kindergarten, the neighbors at the end of the street had a shady son who left some playboy calendars out in the bushes. All the kids flipped through them. I told my mom - I always ratted myself out, and then sent myself to my room.

14. My longest friendship has been with Elizabeth Anne Wade Grossman. Lisa came to my 5th birthday party and we’ve been friends ever since. She always cried during slumber parties and made her mom come pick her up. Don’t even ask about church camp…

15. I can’t hear the Indigo Girls without seeing Ashley Vaught Dixon sing that Juliet song into a hairbrush.

16. My cousin Carlee and I used to act out scenes from our favorite move, Nadia, on the jungle gym in the backyard. As we got older, we lip synced Milli Vanilli songs into pool sticks on top of the pool table…ironic, no? I’m pretty sure Uncle Craig didn’t like us standing up there much.

17. My college BFF, Emily, and I were roommates in the sorority house. One night, the phone rang really early or really late, and I swung my legs over the top bunk to jump down and answer it, just as Em stood up. I rode on her shoulders for roughly 4 seconds before we crashed to the ground. It’s one of my funniest memories.

18. I learned to waterski when my dad threw me into the Colorado River in November when I was 8. I wasn’t allowed to get back in the boat until I could ski. I cried and cried and cried because it was so freaking cold. I can still feel that cold water. Now, I love to slalom, but am super picky about glassy water…which usually means when my dad wakes me up at “ski thirty” and it’s dark out, I get up. Luckily, at that time in the morning, the water is usually warmer than the air.

19. I love to snowboard and have shocked myself how I’ve taken to it. I kinda thought I’d suck at it, but I have gotten pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. When I first learned in college, a male friend told me it was “like makin love to the snow.”

20. I love working with teenagers, and have volunteered at just about all the churches I’ve attended, with the exception of the one in college…I was usually too hungover to get up that early on Sundays.

21. I LOVE going winetasting…it’s a perfect way to enjoy friends, beautiful weather, amazing vino, and incredible views together.

22. I took my first dance class when I was 2 at Bonnie's Ballet Studio in Orange. I competed through high school and loved being on a team. My dance teacher in HS, Mrs. Smith had a profound impact on my life...I even wore my permed hair just like her. : ) Dance also gave me wonderful friendships...and I've enjoyed my mini-dance reunions!

23. My brother couldn’t pronounce Jenny when he was little, so he called me Shinny. I HATED IT and couldn’t understand why he just couldn’t get the “Je” part.

24. When I talk to my college friends or anyone from the south for more than a few minutes, I can hear the drawl come back. The phone call usually ends with a “byyyyyyyyyye” or a “thank youuuuuuuuuuuu.”

25. I’ve been a bridesmaid in 12 weddings and have helped with countless others. I’m a professional. I often thought about writing a book about my experiences, like the time when my Jim Hjelm couture bridesmaid dress caught on fire while I was wearing it, but then 27 Dresses came out. I probably never would have written the book, because at the end of the day…I’m lazy.


CarleeKajsa said...

Blame it on the Rain...those were the days! hey - i found this site and thought you might dig it for that blank spot on your wall...

duchess said...

I just stumbled over from Hooked on Houses and loved reading this post. When I got to the one about jumping off the bunkbed I laughed right out loud. So funny.
We actually have a lot in common (but I'm probably a few yrs older).
dancer - check
politics - check
photography - check
Thanks for the laugh.

jen said...

I, too am a blog stalker. See, I read through your 25 things, and it is not your current post.
At least I'm not the only one.
Love the Jenny on Henny.