Friday, February 27, 2009

PhotoFANatic Friday

For the last several years now, I've been mesmorized by photography...specifically, wedding and portrait photography. I've been a blog stalking rock star and feel like I know many of these photographers because I've watched their art grow over the years.

Not long ago, I was inspired to stop stalking and start doing...why should I only want to look at other people's craft rather than learn it myself? The road isn't an easy one, but it's one that I'm LOVING. And NOW, my blog stalking has become research as many of the products, workshops, tips and tricks I use have all been word-of-mouth recommendations...or should I say word-of-blog?

I began the PhotoFANatic Friday series not only to learn more about these photographers {and from these photographers} for myself, but to inspire others...if you're a professional photographer and would like to be featured, PLEASE contact me at!

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emma said...

I love this section of your blog. I have a fantastic photographer to suggest!! Her name is Chriselda Reyes and she is in the Amarillo Texas area. She travels and does amazing work!! You can check out her website and blog at
I love watching your blog and get info from you. Keep up the great work!!