Friday, February 06, 2009

Camera Upgrade

Am I thrilled or what?! I had been pondering a camera upgrade from my snazzy Rebel that Santa brought me to the 50D. No, I don't need the fanciest schmanciest just yet, but I did want to think about being money wise...if I really love this new hobby, would I want to upgrade in a couple of years? Probably. Then I'd have to shell out a lot of money on my I went on back to Costco and thanks to their 90-day return policy, I was able to trade up for just a few hundred bucks out of my wallet! I think it's a much smarter decision on my part in the long run. Regardless, I'm SO THANKFUL to my awesome parents for reading my mind and knowing that I wanted a DSLR this year for Christmas. They are so generous and clearly know how to read my mind! Love you guys!!!

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Living with Lindsay said...

You will LOVE it! We have a D70 and it's the greatest thing ever. Cannon's rock.