Friday, February 27, 2009

PhotoFANatic Friday featuring David Jay

Today begins a new feature for the BLAH BLAH's PhotoFANatic Friday!

Many of you know that I LOVE weddings. Maybe it was because I had a fairytale experience at one when I was 12 and was subsequently given a BRIDE magazine subscription by my mom as a gift to dream and play make-believe with... Maybe it's because I've witnessed numerous friends find, fall in love with, and marry their best friends in beautiful ways... Maybe it's because I've been in 12 weddings and have helped friends and family plan countless others. As a single gal, I never get crabby about celebrating another wedding...but that could have something to do with the promise of an open bar - KIDDING!

Anyhoooo, as I've become more and more enamored with weddings, I've found two passions - two things that really make my mouth water: gorgeous gowns and dazzling photos. About five years ago, I started paying copious attention to the photographers at weddings and started looking them up to see more of their work. In 2004 or 2005, I found David Jay, and thus began my career as a blogstalker!

David Jay (DJ) is my #1 BLOG CRUSH! He's one of the premiere wedding photographers in the world and I'm so excited to have him as my first PhotoFANatic feature! He took the wedding industry by storm and is now internationally recognized for his work and the way he's revolutionized the way images are displayed through his "Show-It" sites and slideshows. He also did a nation-wide tour this year where he travelled to 20 cities giving other professionals and budding photographers his insight and tips.

As a photographer, his photos are dreamy and romantic, bright and clear, elegant and sassy. AND, he's a genuinely nice guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and shines for the Lord. He went to Westmont College - a Christian school up in Santa Barbara - and still lives in that area where he regularly connects with other photographers and headquarters his business, even when he's traveling the world.

I'm sad that God hasn't brought me Mr. Right, yet, because even though I've been following DJ's work for years, he's skyrocketed out of my price-range. But perhaps because of him, I've found my love for photography and have been encouraged to take it up! Thank you DJ for inspiring me and countless others with your talent, teaching, and how you share your heart with every photo!

And now on to some photo inspiration! (By the way, all these photos were borrowed with DJ's permission -- it's not too cool to go swiping pics off of people's pages without their okay, first!)

Click here to see a video of some of his's so good it makes me want to throw up.

See...he's absolutely INSANE, huh? Talk about major inspiration! Thanks DJ for being such a good sport and for putting up with my crazy emails.


Living with Lindsay said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous!

Contemporary Portraits said...

I really liked this post!! He is a really nice guy and you can tell he really want to help others!! I sent him a note to check you blog out!! : )

|| davidjay || said...

Wow! Thank you for this sweet post! You are wonderful.