Monday, February 08, 2010

More BlissDom Thoughts (and pics!)

I'm finally going through my BlissDom pictures and have been digesting my favorite moments and experiences.

When I decided to go, I assumed I'd enjoy the social aspects of the conference. In fact, I actually thought that would be the best part of the conference! As a public affairs professional, my career has prepared me well for this, but in my innermost being, insecurity still lurks. But, I met WONDERFUL women who I had instant connections with! It was so funny to think to myself "she's WAY taller/shorter in real life" or "she's WAY more charismatic/shy in real life."

I also got a lot out of some of the sessions. Not the kind of note-taking "a ha" moments, but reminders to focus and narrow my message. I need to put some time into that and start being a better blogger. I knew I needed to rebrand before I left, and that was very much confirmed for me, too.

Here are some fun pics from the sessions. Jess, Lindsay, and Rhoda taking it all in.

Just about everyone took their laptops and either live-blogged, edited images, or kept up with twitter.  I didn't take mine so that I could focus on people, instead of technology.  I did take my camera with me everywhere, but frankly, I kept it out of everyone's faces for the most part.
What a thrill it was to have a fun cocktail party on Friday night, too.  Our featured entertainer was HARRY CONNICK, JR.  OH MY WORD, he is so talented and HAWT!!!
My boyfriend and I...I mean, Harry Connick, Jr., and some new and old friends.  Thanks to Darcy (My3Boybarians) for making me look good!!!

Here's a pic of me and the stinker who harassed me into going to the conference.  She was relentless, BUT she was right.  I had a tremendous time and I know I would have regretted had I not gone!

Here's my girl Lindsay.  It was so great to be together again.  I am so fortunate that blogging brought us close again!
Sandy blessed me with some amazing conversation.  She walked up to me after a session and gave me a warm hug and I can't tell you how much that meant to me!  And it was too funny to know that she lives in the same town as some second cousins and totally knows them...small world! (By the way, I bought that flower headband at Forever 21 for a few bucks and I got SO MANY compliments on it on Saturday! Several girls even took pics of it for their blogs. What a riot!)
Before the conference began, my dear friend Kimm asked me to shoot some profile pics for her blog.  Here's a sneak preview.  I think she looks gorgeous and I can't wait to send her the rest!!!

And let's not forget the fact that I did my Shootsac giveaway at BlissDom!  Dawn helped me to draw two numbers and select two very excited winners!  This is the Sassy Irish Lassie and I heard that she did a happy dance when she saw the news on twitter.  Hilarious!  Jana Warnke also won a Shootsac.  We met at the i heart faces photowalk and she seems like a total doll!

Julia snapped this great shot of a few of us before the concert and cocktail party.  I had to borrow it because we all look like we're ready for fun!  We danced like maniacs and HAD A BLAST!

image courtesy of

On Sunday morning, i heart faces hosted a photowalk in downtown Nashville.  It was FREEZING COLD, so I snapped very few pics, but here are a few fun ones!

Then I went to lunch with my cousins and some other photo friends.  I got lost for almost an hour trying to find them, but once I did, I had a fantastic time enjoying my family.  PS - why didn't someone tell me that hat made me look like a cancer patient?


Anonymous said...

looking like a cancer patient is not a bad thing - being one is

Living With Lindsay said...

Great shots, JJ! I'm going to steal some of them, okay? :)

You looked super cute in the hat, btw.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Your photos are wonderful! I'm wishing I brought my good camera--or at least had my junk one on the right setting during most of the weekend. So many of mine turned out blurry.

Your flower headband was the hit of the weekend! Cracked me up how people kept asking if they could take a picture of it. That's bloggers for you... :-)

Melanie said...

I don't think you look like a cancer patient. I love the hat.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Great shots! Wish i had met you in person but I saw your pretty headband dashing around...what an awesome time, right?

The Nester said...

Oh how I LOVED your hair thing-a-ma-bob! I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It was so nice to meet you!

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Hey Anonymous, you're absolutely right. Please forgive my lame attempt at humor...

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

I know exactly who you're talking about that was shorter in real life! LOL!

Oh my word, the smokey eyes makes me look like a vampire. I scare myself! I can't believe I didn't get more photos with everyone. I guess I was having too much fun talking. Go figure:-) Great meeting you and I love your cards. They were my favorite!

Jana said...

okay no way did you look sick at all. Cancer or any other illness. I thought it was sophisticated. It was lovely meeting you!

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Lol! Love the pics! And the hat looks cute! I loved dancing the night away with you!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Are you making SHORT jokes about me?

Your little hair thing IS the cutest thing ever.

So glad I harassed you I mean pleaded with you to come to Blissdom. Wow, I can't imagine what it would have been like WITHOUT you there!