Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Wait for Something Special

This weekend, I cleaned out my garage and opened a box toward the back that housed something great grandmother's depression glass dishes.

I felt like a fool for forgetting they were there.

Aside from the fact that it just cemented my heinously messy garage, I was sad that I hadn't used the beautiful pink dishes in some time. Because I live alone, I sometimes think that my dinners (alone or with friends) aren't special, but then I changed my mind.

If I've got something as special as my great grandmother Edla's depression glass dishes, why on earth shouldn't I use them and celebrate her memory?!?! I decided then and there to get them out of the garage, give them a good cleaning and use them ASAP!

I used the gorgeous dishes on Sunday for my dinner party and last night for dinner with my friend Ashley. And dinner felt special.  All because I used a part of my family heritage, rather than keeping it away for something special...USING the dishes made dinner great and if YOU'VE got something like this tucked away, I encourage you to break them out and celebrate them, too!

I also received a special piece of decor this week.  My friend Lindsay has an Etsy shop that I highly encourage you to go check out.  I saw what she was selling and bought an item right away, because I support her dreams and because, dang it, I loved this tassle!!!

Lastly, I freaking bought my first iMac this week.  It's special as can be, and I'm totally obsessed.  I need to name it now.  Have any ideas???

Do you have special heirlooms or items that you keep putting off for a special day, but should be using more often?  If you do, I highly encourage you to go for it, and stop waiting for that perfect opportunity. Celebrate the special every day and I think you'll be happier than you could ever imagine!


Emily@remodelingthislife said...

Love this post. Love that tassel. Love my imac too :) I guess mine needs a name too!

Tamara McDonald said...

That is so pretty. I absolutely have tons of old vintage stuff that belonged to my grandmother. It is all (well most) down in the old ranch house I grew up in. I have some things up in my house that I have displayed and sometimes use. I have many things that I haven't figured out exactly where to put them. Great post.

Scraps said...

I always agree with using the nice things rather than saving them for "special" occasions--every day is special!

I've been using my silver trays more often, ever since polishing them before the holidays rather than packing them up like usual. It's fun to get out the "good stuff" just for casual evenings :)

LoveFeast Table said...

I'd think of that depression glass as finding current day, buried treasure! Oh, and name for imac..."mine".

Anonymous said...

Name your Mac, "Mo Betta". I've been on a Mac for years and they are just more betta' than PCs!

Rachel said...

I love. How special.
I have some amazing heirloom china that I have put away I want to pull it down but I am afraid of tiny hands...

Love the tassle and THANK YOU for the reminder!!

LoveFeast Table said...

I named my imac "Mother Mac" 'cause it rules the house!! Luv the tassel...and love that you support your friend's dreams!! (Kristin said you have to see the tassel!!!..she stopped by earlier!) ;) ~Chris Ann

Katie@makingthishome said...

huge applause, huge applause!

I'm glad you're pulling out your grandma's things. And my gosh, they're beautiful. I also love your Mac. Congrats. It makes mine look like a baby, so I like the Mac Mama comment.

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

I totally agree! I'm so proud of my mom for using dishes that were passed down to her after my grandmother passed away. She has dishes VERY similar to the ones you've got! And there is a set of china that was hand painted by my great great aunt and we EAT off them when we visit. So special. ;)

Visiting from Remodeling This Life links!

Mum in Bloom said...

Wow, your blog is beautiful and so is the photography :) Love love those dishes!

Jessica Morris said...

How sweet :)
And it's neat to have read this right now... in about an hour a dozen or so teen/college age girls are coming over to my house for a tea party.
I realized last week that I have all these beautiful tea cups and NEVER use them - and decided to do something about it! So they are sitting out in all their dainty glory waiting for the girls to show up :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely name her "Suze". For Susan, Suzanne, Suzy, Susie, Suzy-Q, whatever. But she's a Suze for sure.