Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CONDO2CASTLE: Embrace Your Walls

Have you ever heard that light and clutter-free walls make a room look larger? I grew up hearing that, but I now know that it's a total misnomer. Having spent the last seven years here in the condo, I've tried many different looks. Now I know that color, decor, and large scaled pieces DO NOT make the home look smaller, but rather, enhances the style of your home.

Fantastical Focal Points
Remember my dresses? Last year, when I bought the art piece, it had been displayed tightly together on a white background. I knew I wanted to enhance the sculptures and make them pop, all while making them a central focal point in my bedroom. Though it is not a large space, the art installation easily takes more than half the wall. And it makes the room look larger.  Don't be afraid to have an anchor piece in your house that serves as a focal point in one room or another!

Collages, Artwork, Mirrors, Oh My!
Many small spaces are rentals units or apartments.  And it's easy to get intimidated by rules and regulations.  Or perhaps you're in a similar situation as me and you own a small starter home.  Don't be afraid to decorate how you want for fear that it's not a "forever" home!  Girl, spackle can be your best friend and walls can always remain painted.  BUT, if you don't want to rock the boat, there are always decals.
image courtesy of Leen the Graphics Queen

Another option for wall decor with no permanent impact would be to utilize a leaning mirror!  Ikea has them reasonably priced and I just found this one for less than $100 bucks!

Fabric is Your Friend
If you live in a small space, you likely either have high vaulted or shallow ceilings. If you're lucky enough to have vaulted ceilings, PLAY THEM UP, GIRL! And if you don't...FAKE IT! By using window treatments that start at the ceiling above your windows, you'll visually deceive your guests AND yourself into thinking you've got lots of space.
image courtesy of Southern Living

Do you have a small space? Have any concerns or questions about decorating it and making it feel like home? Share with the class and maybe on the next CONDO2CASTLE, we'll tackle that problem!!!


Living With Lindsay said...

Great post, JJ! I love those dresses every time I see them.

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Those dresses are phenomenal! Love it!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

That dress display is so awesome!!! I love the color red your chose as well.

We have a larger house, but it's starting to feel small to us again - we finally got a ton of furniture out of storage and I'm feeling cramped. My boyfriend is the type that wants to fill EVERY wall with something. I'm a less is more (within reason) type of person.

I just keep putting off his "projects" to hang stuff... "We'll do that later honey let's watch this movie!" ;)

I may not have a castle yet but I can totally be the queen if I want to ;)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love this post...

Anonymous said...

I have been hunting for a long time for this! Thank goodness I found it on Yahoo.

Thank you!


Kelly said...

I LOVE the first one of your dress sculptures. I can't believe how that strip of paint makes it so much more of a bold piece. :)

C.J. said...

I have not seen your dresses before, God, are they ever cute!

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

Okay, I totally want that tree thing hanging over my couch now. Beautiful!