Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Front Loader Problem and Solution!

In the realm of upgraded appliances, some of us have been woo'd by pretty colors (ahem, Mom), seduced by 10% off appliances weekends at Home Depot, or enraged by broken machines and immediately replace them. Some of you hold out for great deals, throw some duct tape on boo boo areas, and save save save for the perfect deal. I respect those people, but definitely fall into the first category.

When I did my kitchen and bath remodel a few years back and had discount after discount at the Depot, I found myself seduced into a snazzy new set of front loaders. I got the bottom of the line LGs, which were leaps and bounds better than my previous mini-duo. In my defense, I'd called my Home Warranty a few times to fix my stackable, so I was getting close to needed a solution anyway.

BUT the siren song of the front loaders probably lured me in earlier than necessary.

While I love the silence and efficiency of my LGs, there is one thing that I just can't handle. The seal on the washer get's terribly mildewy and stanky. I share this story with you, too, because chances are others have experienced the same thing.

About a year ago, the blogosphere gave me the best piece of advice and as I've been considering all the help I've received from it as I prepare for BlissDom, I just had to share it. After you're done with the wash cycle, simply leave the door open until the unit dries out. Wah-LA, no more mildew! Simple, but totally effective. If you've experienced this problem before, I implore you to try out this simple solution!!!


Living With Lindsay said...

Totally! Someone gave me that advice right before we bought our front loader, and it sure has saved me a lot of headache. I've never had any problems since I leave the door open.

It's almost blissdom time. Squee!

christi said...

great solution! we don't have w/d in our apartment (man oh man do i wish we did) but i remember growing up my mom would always leave the washer top open. i never would have thought about this with the front loaders. good tip ... tucked away for when we move and get some!

Sarah said...

Awesome.....now if I could figure out a way to make sure one of my kids don't climb in while it's drying out, then I'd be set.....lol. Thanks for sharing!

Condo Blues said...

I read that before my front loader and I haven't had an issue with mildew. Because I kept the door open and drained the detergent try, I didn't run cleaner through it every month like the maker recommended. I stuck my head in it once to check if it smelled and it did a bit. Instead of buying the cleaner, I put vinegar in the detergent tray and run it on the cleaning cycle. Vinegar works better than the samples of washing machine cleaner that they gave me.

Nishant said...

I've never had any problems since I leave the door open.

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lisa BC said...

You should read McMommy's funny (& lengthy!) rant about this exact front loader over at The McMommy Chronicles Blog. Hilarious!!

Sabrina said...

My old set just won't seem to die on me....ugh! So I haven't entered the "searching for new front loader" phase...yet! However, I did hear about the mildew issue from a neighbor friend and it kind of scared me. This is great info!