Thursday, February 04, 2010

Get Yourself a Home Warranty, Girl!

On Tuesday, I made reference to a Home Warranty, but I'm not sure how common they are...which is a shame, because in my opinion, they're CRITICAL. Did you know that your Home Owners Insurance will sometimes only cover structures, but not appliances? It's a shame, but true in many sure to check yours.

If your insurance DOESN'T cover appliances, then you must get a Home Warranty. I have one through First American Home Buyers Protection Corp, and for $44 a month, all my appliances are covered. That includes, heating/ac, hot water heater, garage door, and if I had one, a pool or spa.

Over the 7 years that I've had my house, I've made calls on my washer and dryer (twice), hot water heater, and garage door opener. Each of the house calls were $50 and everything was replaced or fixed at no additional cost. Not too bad, huh? The repair people are pre-screened and scheduled for you...they literally take the busy work out of it for you.

So, what are you waiting for? This could potentially save you LOTS of money...and you never know...the repair man could be totally hunky, too!


Katie Mauer said...

How funny, I was actually just thinking about getting a home warranty on my appliances. I've recently had issues with my ice maker in my freezer. It turns out that I need to replace the entire mechanism, which is going to cost me $117. None of my appliances are under warranty because I bought my condo on a short sale and the owner/bank didn't feel like giving me a home warranty (probably because they knew part of my freezer was busted, those snakes). I've heard from acquaintances that Sears actually has a good appliance warranty, and your appliances don't even have to be purchased from Sears. Just a thought!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I have one as well and I pay like $300 for the year.

I have used it every year too. We have had 2 garbage disposals, Water Heater (twice), Toilet, Shower and more. It is good for the not so handy type. Well worth the money to me.

tamm said...

We had a home warranty, but we ended up not renewing because we used them once, and not only did the guy install the new garbage disposal wrongly, he also gave us a garbage disposal that was the absolute cheapest on the market, (worth way less than the original one) and cost only about $50. Not such a good experience in my mind...

CarleeKajsa said...

be hunky were your repair guys ever?

Anonymous said...

Like the pp said they just install/repair everything with the cheapest thing they can find. Which just gets you in and ugly cycle of constantly needing things fixed or replaced. You've spent $3700 on that warranty so far when you could have gotten new appliances and installed them yourself (seriously it's not that hard).

New electric water heater = $300 ($500 if gas)
New belt garage door opener = $150
($90 if chain)
New decent washer & dryer = $1300 (can easily spend more if you want)

Total = $1750

That's $1950 less than what you've spent and you're still stuck with the old machines.

Basic fixes are really easy to do too. A little research will get you a long way.

Nishant said...

It is good for the not so handy type. Well worth the money to me.

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