Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This Shelac May Make Me Crack!

Remember the antique telephone table I got for free at the failed garage sale??? The one I asked you to teach me how to stain??? Well, I'm not even there, yet...to the staining stage. Why, you may ask?


I have sanded and sanded and sanded this sucker and I still don't have much to show for it. The more I sand, the more I realize that I'm dealing with two different types of wood, too. The table top is much more dense than the legs...and the skinny legs have several cracks that need filling and reinforcement. My little project has turned into a bigger one than I anticipated. But you know me, I don't mind a big project.

But I do mind so many layers of shelac that it has dried in droplets under the table. Not sure if you can tell from the photo below, but there are thick drops all around the underside of the table top. QUEL NIGHTMARE, as Holly Golightly would say!

Once this project is complete, I have big plans for it in my dining room. I'm thinking it will serve as a small serving spot (surely, you're not surprised that the condo doesn't have room for a full buffet!), and I'm thinking the inside ledge is either the perfect size for a couple bottles of red wine, or some fancy table linens. You'll just have to wait and find out what I've decided to do!

And while I may be complaining now, let's not forget this antique was FREE! For that price, I figure a little hard work is worth it!

Do you have any projects that you thought would be easy, but turned into a nightmare? Do share!!!


Living With Lindsay said...

Pretty much everything I do turns into a nightmare, but it all works on in the end. Keep on sanding! :)

Anonymous said...

paint stripper?