Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Thankful for You!

This year, as I start my morning with a turkey trot and end it with an eat-a-thon, I'll take time to immerse myself in thankfulness. My pastor says that spending time being thankful each day, improves your genuine attitude all year long and I absolutely want to emulate that!

I am blessed to have a family that is outrageously wonderful and loving. I also have an amazing "urban family" filled with irreplaceable friends. I have a job that I like which provides a roof over my head, and speaking of that roof, it may be small, but I'm thankful that I own it in a time when many people fear that they'll have nowhere to turn.

And I'm thankful for my funny little online life. What began as a digital scrapbook has become something I enjoy so much more. I've met and "met" some truly wonderful people through the interwebs. Some days I scratch my head and wonder why the heck I'm doing this, but somedays, I get comments that make me smile from ear to ear. So thank you for that. Thank you for reading and for stopping by. I've gotten so much from you, whether it be encouraging words, or great ideas from reading your blogs, too!

I hope this day, and this long weekend fills you up and prepares your heart for the upcoming holiday season!


Gwen said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tira J said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jen! Glad to be a friend in your little online life! :)

CarleeKajsa said...

i am thankful for you! i missed you guys today...good thing we will all be together for christmas!