Monday, August 03, 2009

Your Readers Want to See Your Face!

When I'm really in the stalking groove and enjoying a blog, I'll jump around from story to story. I also almost ALWAYS read your profile and see if we have anything in common (like a diet coke addiction), if you've got self-depricating humor (my favorite), and where you live. Sometimes I read so much of a blog that I think we're friends and that I actually know you in real life (Melissa, Emily, Julia, Jasmine).

But the one thing that I CANNOT stand is when I don't know what you look like! It baffles me when writers put so much of their soul into their blog and yet don't let us see their faces. A blog (even if it's just your thoughts and words) is your way of selling yourself...isn't it better to do that in person rather than through a logo???

Which brings me to the NUMBER ONE offender...Deanna. Deanna is the DomesticChicky and the Apronista. She designs blogs, hosts two of her own, and is a photofiend (like me). We've had an online friendship and have even chatted while watching The Bachelorette (her fav, not mine) and yet I never knew what she looked like, until Saturday.

Deanna and I both decided to attend the OC Blogger's Ball and I suggested that before we go, we meet up...and then I persuaded her to let me take some profile pics. And she relented!!! I'm so glad she did, because the pics turned out so nicely and I'm hoping that homegirl decides to use them on her blogs!!!

So, now that we've taken care of Deanna...who else do we need to yell at??? Please bloggers, don't be afraid to show us your smiling face! I promise it will make people want to read you even more!!!


Heather said...

I agree!!! I hate having my picture taken, but still put some up anyway because I too hate reading blogs and not having a face to put with the words! I think I take a blog more seriously when there's pictures. And I LOVE the picture you took of her! It's wonderful!!

Stopping over from SITS! I'm so glad I found your blog! I love it!! I'll be back! Have a great day!

Lindsay With Lindsay said...

Awww, there she is. ::waves:: to Domestic Chicky!

I finally gave in a while back and put my face on my blog. Eek! Maybe next month you can take a better pic of me, huh? Maybe one where it doesn't look like I have that one squinty eye?

Deanna said...

That's not me! Who is that impostor? ;)

KIDDING! - I agree, and it took a brilliant talent such as yourself to convince me-next up? Shooting RAW!!!

::waves back at Lindsay::

Rachel said...

That is a gorgeous picture! I LOVE Deanna and this shot shows her beautiful, glowing smile and eyes perfectly!

I"m with you! Show yourself, people!!!

Suz Broughton said...

I totally agree with you! BLoggers, show yourselves!
She looks beautiful in this photo.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I agree, we need to know what we all look like or it is just so not personal!! :-)

However, I must tell you why Deanna doesn't want to show her mug shot, I mean, face, on her blog. I've met Deanna in real life too -- but did you know she is wanted in Nashville for stealing a pink poodle? You need to ask her about that. It will explain A LOT about the whole "no profile image" thing. I bet her name is not even Deanna.

Just sayin' she looks all cute and innocent but do we really know who she is? Ask her to fess up about that pink curly fuzzy dog she smuggled out of the airport gift shop on someone else's suitcase. Sigh. She probably doesn't want you to know about that incident.


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Okay, now that you're done "yelling" at me, in the nicest way, of course, will you come and take MY picture? :)