Sunday, August 23, 2009

Learning to Brine Like My Celebrity Chef Boyfriend

I have a Celebrity Chef Boyfriend...just like I have a Movie Star Boyfriend (George Clooney)...and boy can he cook. This week, he taught me to brine chicken and it was divine!!!

Who is my Celebrity Chef Boyfriend, you ask? Why none other than Tyler Florence. I just love how boyishly charming he is...and please, a man who can cook is HEAVEN.

I saw Tyler on The Today Show awhile back talking about recipes for the 4th of July and he mentioned brining chicken. I didn't even know what a brine was (even tweeted that!), and yet, I was convinced that I needed to do it...because my Celebrity Chef Boyfriend told me to.

I invited some friends over on Saturday night in order to try out Tyler's brine...and we weren't disappointed! The chicken was tasty and juicy and the flavor really permeated the meat. I can't imagine grilling chicken ever again without using this recipe!!! And you should use it, too!!!

Because the chicken needed to be soaked in the brine for 2-3 hours, I started with THIS important ingredient...hey, it was a super humid day...and we don't DO humidity in So Cal.
The other ingredients include: 1/4 cup brown sugar, 2 tablespoons sea salt, 2 quarts of water, 2 cloves of garlic, and four sprigs of fresh thyme. You'll also need two freezer size zip lock bags.
Begin by mixing your salt and thyme together.
Add the brown sugar.
Add the garlic. YUM. Then mix your dry ingredients with the water.
Place your chicken breasts into a plastic bag, mix with your brine liquid, and soak in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
When your guests arrive for your bbq, they'll be so well fed that they'll indulge your desire to play Catch Phrase.
Even when they're cranky because their baby is due in two days and their back hurts.
Or, they'll fall asleep because you're boring.
Regardless, your friends and family will love this brine and your chicken will be the most flavorable delight you've ever experienced!


Sara E said...

this looks super tasty.. thanks for sharing :)

btw, I found you from SITS

darnold23 said...

Cute post and the recipe sounds great. I would love to invite you to join me for Crock Pot Wednesday at Please come check it out. Thanks so much for posting.