Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tool Talk Tuesday: Sock It To Me!

Boys and Girls, today we're going to talk about yup, you guessed it, SOCKETS! They come in SO HANDY when you're trying to mount a flat screen TV on a wall...as I just found out!

Occasionally, you'll be working on a project and you'll need to ratchet in a metric fastener...in laymen's terms, that would be a six-point or even a twelve-point socket. They come in VERY helpful on heavy items and things that you've drilled directly into studs.

Even if you're not sure when you'll need them, I recommend having a starter set in your tool box. They'll be necessary at some point. And the good news is, most beginner tool sets come with them!

Visual learner, are ya? Here are some pics!

The socket attachments can be used with your drill, or a hand wrench. There are ALL sorts of price points!
When you mount heavy items, a regular screw just won't work. But a socket wrench will make your project a snap.
And then you won't have to crane your neck when watching The Millionaire Matchmaker. So glad you're back, Patti!

So, what are you all going to make sure you add to your toolbox this week??? That's right...ratchet down and SOCK IT TO ME!

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