Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easy Way to Dry a Bouquet

Over the years, my bridesmaid duties have taught me some funny lessons...such as how not to let your dress go up in flames while you're wearing it (learned that one the hard way - SERIOUSLY), how to give a toast that doesn't embarass the bride, how to decorate the honeymoon suite, how to make mimosas, how to create a sexy CD for the bride and groom...the list goes on.

But perhaps the most personally valuable thing I've learned (aside from the mimosas) is how to preserve and dry out a beautiful bouquet!

I was searching for a way to hang my bouquet upside down while in my closet one day and I saw an old drycleaning hanger for pants and had a thought...and that thought worked out PERFECTLY! Wanna know how I did it???

First, grab a drycleaners hanger for pants.
Carefully, without damaging the ends, pull the bar off the hanger, and bend the arms down.
Then, utilizing the "s" shape, affix it inside the stems of the flowers by hooking it into the florist's wires or the ribbon.
Hang your bouquet for about a week and you'll have a beautifully preserved bouquet to display for friends to see...and to cherish the memory of standing up as a bridesmaid with your closest friends!

So easy, but so effective! I hope this funny little tip works for you, because it sure works for me. Check out some more clever tips, by visiting Works for Me Wednesday!


Newlywed Next Door said...

Pretty! I always end up loosing mine. I didn't even save my own bouquet! Sad, huh?

Tira J said...

Oh, where were you 9 years ago when my wedding bouquet needed to be preserved? I still have it and am going to do a post about it before the trashman takes it away. :)

Suz Broughton said...

Now you will have those forever. I used to dry flowers a lot, now you have given me inspiration.