Monday, January 11, 2010

I Bet I Could Do That!

Do you ever see something in real life or on TV and say to yourself, "I bet I could do that"? No? Really? Is it really just me?!

For example, I love watching medical dramas and have ever since I caught my first episode of China Beach as a youngster. Then I was obsessed with ER, and now I watch me a little Grey's Anatomy. Anywhoo, based on my years of extensive medical drama watching, I'm pretty sure I could give someone a tracheotomy by using a ball point pen if I had to.

But I digress.

I live in a beautiful utopia here in Orange County. The first weekend I lived in the teeny condo seven years ago, I remember exiting my complex to head to the Depot when I saw oodles of moms walking their babies, kids walking dogs, and cycling groups all over the place (10 points if ya run one down!). Sometimes I like to use the bike lanes and go for a quick ride, too. And my master planned community made it easy to find fun places to ride all over the place. It really is utopia. : ) (Well, except for the fact that all the homes are cookie cutter and have no land. I can't find a home with character to save my life, either.)

Yesterday, I was out and about running errands and I saw a man riding uphill on a recumbent bike and I quickly thought to myself, "I bet I could do that." I don't know why I didn't figure it would be harder than riding a standard's not like I'm super athletic, I just had confidence that I could do it. So now, it's going to be a goal for this year. I've got to try one of those crazy bikes (and obviously have someone come and film it for my blog's posterity's sake. So, if you know someone in the OC who has one, please ask them if I can try it! : )

So, today's question for the class is, have you ever had total confidence in your DIY abilities, but then have totally destroyed it? I once tiled a floor without reading anything about leveling the sub floor once and that sucker was CROOKED as a politician!


Maria Lopez said...

i am so not a DIY type of girl! but i love your blog! lol

Gwen said...

I watch a lot of legal shows, so call me if ya ever need to be defended on a murder charge.

There are a ton of those recumbent bikes around here because, for some reason, people think that Highway 1 is pretty and bike friendly. I am not a big fan, they are harder to see on that bitty two lane road.

As to your DIY thoughts, I can do anything with some liquid nails, a staple gun and a can of spray paint! No fear.

Dixiejet said...
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Dixiejet said...

Girl,you are hilarious ! I LOVE your blog and I LOVE your sense of humor...if you think you can do it ( WHATEVER it is !),then you go girl !!
BTW, I can do ANYTHING I wanna do...been learning ALOT from these savvy DIY'ers... ;o)

Anonymous said...

I say this all the time. Richard, on the other hand, wishes I said "I bet I could do that" just a little less often ;-)